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All our products have been subjected to exhaustive testing. However, since every leather is unique, both in terms of the raw materials, products employed and tanning methods used in its preparation, we recommend that a test be made on a less visible part of the article prior to the application of any leather care product.

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Happy New Year!! I just want you to know that this is the very best leather product that I have ever used!! Thank you and warmest Regards,

Laurie Phillips


Before I tried Urad I was using Doc Bailey's. This paste is safer than liquid so now I only use Urad. Why take a chance on spillage. Dan

Dan Grogan


I found URAD about 5 years ago at a bike rally, and I have not found any other product that comes even close. It spoke for itself. I am so thankful that it's still available to purchase. I wouldn't use anything else. It's worth it's weight in gold.

Diane Harden


I first picked up Urad at a motorcycle show in my area. I was wowed when I used it on a black leather sheepskin jacket that had turned grey with wear. It was amazing to see it turn black again. I then discovered that it was great for repairing the warn edges on a ladies' dress coat and on another men's jacket. Since then, I look for and pick up Urad at every motorcycle show I attend. It not only revives the leather, but makes it less prone to scuffing. Great product!

Richard Morra

ON. Canada

I tried some of the neutral Urad a few years ago. I've never found another product that works better on shoes! It literally brings the shoes back to life and makes them look brand new again!

Chantell McNeese


This is a picture I took before and after using the Black Urad product on a badly faded purse.
The man who brought the purse in for his wife, said that she was stunned at the results. He didn't tell her that he brought it in, and he surprised her with the refurbished purse on her birthday!
SEE GENE's Picture here



The finest product I have used for work boots that I have found in my life. I work in a moist damp enviroment,and have found your product keeps my feet dry and my boots conditioned. My boots have lasted twice as long as they did using other products.

Don Pickerl


We purchased a small jar of URAD at the Ottawa EX two years ago and it has worked wonders on all of our leather shoes and winter boots. A small jar goes a long way because you use such a small quantity. I just ordered the biggest jar - should last me 10 years!!! Excellent product, great value for money.

Paul J. Choquette


Unbelievable products My wife works in a hospital and gets comments daily as to how nice her shoes look. White URAD used with Tenderly keeps them looking new. It also keeps them soft. I also have used the netural URAD with the Tenderly on Leather furniture and it makes it so soft and rich looking. Jack

Jack Bass


Bought URAD first at the local trade show some 10 years ago, been using it since on just about all leather products at home, great stuff, buying one jar every year



I bought a jar of URAD after it was recommended to me by a friend. At first I was skeptical, but after I tried it, my whole life changed. URAD really works miracles on my fine Italian leather boots.

Tim M


We bought at Home show 2/3 years ago. love this stuff! We even have the teenage kids using it because it is so quick and easy! We will never run out. Cheryl

Cheryl Icke


I use URAD on my motorcycle seat and saddle bags, as well as my LA-Z-BOY chair. I live in Denver where the sun is always shining and the air is very dry, but URAD keeps my leather soft, supple, and in great condition. I highly recommend URAD!

Chris Bird


I went to a bike show back in 2003 in Port Dover. There were people there using Urad at booths. A friend of mine tried it out on her boots and it did a very good job. I brough it into work recently because a girl here couldn't get rid of salt stains on her shoes. She used a little bit of the Urad and they are now like brand new. She triec magic marker and other shoe polishes to get rid of the salt stains but the only thing that really worked well, which she was very impressed by, is the Urad. My friend is now interested in getting some for herself. You don't have to use a lot and it works great. It really does.!!! WOW.........



I went to Toronto about 10 years ago and bought a jar of URAD neutral that was being shown at a department store. It was fantastic and after I used it up I looked all over in Atlanta and to no avail. I kept trying and even check the listing and internet and thought maybe the company was out of business as it was made in Italy. I then asked friends of mine in Rome and they couldn't help either. I kept the jar, the remainder dried up after 10 plus years, went on the internet today and found the website for URAD and ordered some. It's the BEST !! Thanks Jack

Jack Kaplan


After a free shine with URAD at the South Padre Island "Roar by the Shore" MC Rallyin October, I bought a jar, and proceeded to share it with seven of my riding companions. We knew we would be riding in heavy rain much of the 200 miles back up the Texas Coast, and three would be riding another 130+ in stormy weather.My BMW R1200 saddle also got a coat, as did ALL the leather and vinyl of a Honda GL 1500 Three Wheeler. Everyone arrived with dry feet, and my bike seats looked perfecct! In fact, everbody's boots looked perfect! All were impressed with the product, and decided to make a purchase. I've since redone my saddle and passenger seat, two pairs of my moto boots, my wife's boots, my neighbor's boots, my riding gloves, and I still have half of the seven oz. jar! This is real value. I recently went online to investigate this product at the source. I was impressed to find such an array of products for various materials and applications, as well as a Customer Support page that was so informative. The Sales Representative with whom I spoke at length about the various products was very knowledgeable, helpful, and has personally used most of the line himself, it would seem! I ended up ordering almost the entire product line, and now I'm prepared for the superior care of all my leather, and some of my fine wood as well, for a long time to come.



At Royal Show summer 2003 in Staffordhire England when stopped by Urad representative. He used the Urad Neutral to clean and shine my shoes which were very dirty due to a muddy showground over 3 days. This stuff revived my shoes and they were clean, shining and waterproof in seconds!! Yes I also purchased on the spot and have just ordered some more. Excellent product and very quick for families with kids for shining their shoes before they leave for school!!

Steve Turnell


I discovered URAD at a Home Show Exhibition about two years ago. The exhibitor shined my shoes and I was instantly convinced this stuff was remarkable. I bought a big jar on the spot even though I was unsure how long the shine would last. To my surprise, it lasted a long time! Two years later, I'm buying another jar. My husband INSISTED I get some more because it always keeps his dress shoes looking great for work. Thanks for a product that DOES what it claims it will do! A very happy customer... Gina


Missouri, USA

AS a shoe repair man, I am very happy with a product that makes me look good. I can use it on a black Coach purse that a customer is wearing, and don't have to worry about it rubbing off, and I can use it on boots, shoes, coats, what-ever, and it makes the customer happy immediately. I use Urad neutral when I do professional dye work, because it takes away the sticky feeling that dye work has. I always use the Tenderly as an extra as a top coat to complete the job. I use all colors, and I can mix them to make custom shades. I also use the neutral on alot of the leather full sole jobs that we do. It makes the leather soles have the new factory look.



Originally I was sold Urad while in Saskatoon on a business the Bay Dept. store, by a Urad Representative giving free shoe treatments...I purchased my first Urad Leather Cream...and I have never regretted is the easiest and best shoe treatment (any leather for that matter) that I have ever experienced. It lasts forever, it's well worth the price...! Thank you for your wonderful product!!!!


BC, Canada

I first purchased URAD at a home show in Phoenix, AZ (USA) about 3 years ago. Just finished it. Love it. Cleaned up the interior of my husbands car here in New Zealand complete with leather seats. They looked brand new when I was done. Even he was impressed. He had the car 11 years and had not cleaned the seats other than a wipe now and then when something spilled. I use it on my purses and shoes. It is fast, easy and the results are really amazing. I want my order to quickly get to me cause I am out. One container, 3 years. You do indeed, use very little! Thanks from a lifetime user, Debbie

Debbie Kennedy

New Zealand

My husband and I have tried other products similar to yours, but URAD products excels in quality and endurance every time.

Virginia Scott


My old dressage boots I boot 20 years ago I thought I was going to have to trash But, Then I tried URAD, and they look like new now ,now I'm hooked!!! Thanx Best wishes



I have used URAD in black and I can't believe how easy it is to use and how great it looks with little effort. Thank you.

Barb Emrich