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All our products have been subjected to exhaustive testing. However, since every leather is unique, both in terms of the raw materials, products employed and tanning methods used in its preparation, we recommend that a test be made on a less visible part of the article prior to the application of any leather care product.
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This stuff is amazing! It made my leather bag look better than new!


Wisconsin, USA

My leather sofa and love seat are 25 years old. They are seldom sat in but badly scratched from cats running across them. Since they are a vanilla color I didn't think that there was much hope for them. Since I've used Urad products on jackets and shoes I thought it was worth a try to save them. After I ordered everything suggested to dye and restore these sofas I went to work. The sofas turned out beautiful. They look new. I am so pleased with the results. Thank you Urad for offering such great products!

URAD.COM NOTE: customer got Costa-Brava Dye and the Color Restore kit

Tonya Higham


Bought this from our local shoe repair shop. We used it on a badly faded Grey leather jacket and the results were unbelievable. It looks brand new and is now the go to jacket.

Tonya Higham


Mary Anne and Bev were very helpful and kind and went out of their way to help me with my leather situation to the best of their ability. Also a shout out to Dominique for his help as well. Great people!
The Urad products are easy to use and clean up well.

Canadian Girl


Voici la photo Avant/Après des chaps de moto Je suis tellement heureuse de la restauration des "chaps de moto" de mon mari.
Elles sont comme neuve. J'ai même redonné la couleur à mon pouf de salon.
Résultats 5/5 +

NOTE URAD.COM : Ginette a acheté Restauration de couleur – Ensemble de base et la teinture Costa Brava (noir et Cordovan ).
Voici la photo du pouf de cuir restoré: voir photo

Ginette Lavergne


We wanted to update our 20+ year old leather couch/love seat - it was either replace or refurbish. Robby reached out to URAD, Leather care products (Canadian company based in Montreal) for information & advice. He spoke to Dominque who made suggestions on what to buy (& not buy), how to apply it, and requested us to call back if we had any further questions or ran into issues. The colour of dye that he sent on Robby’s description - med brown… was perfect! The entire process - removing the cushions, cleaning, dyeing/conditioning/sealing, and putting everything back took 5 hours for both pieces. Although our set was not too bad, there were some spots that definitely needed refurbishing and the result is so much more than I expected! This is a perfect DIY project for anyone….I would say it was easy, but hubby did all the work (I was on consulting and admiration duty)! We would happily recommend this product to everyone! PS: we still have to replace the foam in the cushions - can't wait! (also not sure how to indicate 'before' & 'after'...)

URAD.COM NOTE: Robbs got Aquila, Tenderly and Urad (as a bundle ) as well as Costa-Brava dye.


Ontario, Canada

Here is Sam's before/after picture of the front of his jacketI wanted to pass along my gratitude and satisfaction with these products for a recent motorcycle jacket restoration and for your guidance to change the dye type from matte to normal. The outcome is nothing short of miraculous. I've attached photos of the before and after. I cleaned the whole jacket with the leather cleaner and let it dry first. I treated some areas with direct dye application (the removed patches glue, on the back, left no color behind). Then, I went over the whole jacket twice with the recommended combination of products and am going to waterproof it this evening.
Thank you again and you've gained a customer for life for any future leather restoration and cleaning needs. NOTE: Sam got Aquila, Color Restoration kit and Costa-Brava dye.
Sam's Before-After pictures of the jacket's Front and Back

Sam Graves


Here is Bonnies's before/after pictureAfter a long search for the right restoration products, I found URAD, along with outstanding customer service from Madeleine in the sales office and Dominique in operations. And when I needed special help to correct sun fading, Dominique shared his expertise in the exact mixing and application of two pigment colors -- as well as the URAD cream and Tenderly. The restoration work was easy and my 15-year old couch has now regained all its original rich color and luster. Thank you for great products and great service! It doesn't get any better than this! Bonnie Weaver, Wallingford, PA (US)

URAD.COM NOTE: SEE Bonnie's original before and after pictures

Bonnie Weaver


Franchement urad est un bon produit, je le préfère à la compétition. Pour le soin de mon jacket de cuir, je le recommande vivement.

Stephane Clement


Wonderful Urad products! Today I’m smiling at my new restored sofa. Most of the cracks and loss of color have disappeared and there is now a softer, brighter, smoother surface. I no longer need new furniture. Thanks to Dominique for coaching me through what to buy and the easy application.

URAD.COM NOTE: Marilyn used Urad Green on discolored area then URAD Neutral mixed with Tenderly as described here

Marilyn M Crockower

Ontario CAN

Your restore kit did a fantastic job on a 1940 German leather trench-coat. It looks like new. Now I have a 1940's baseball mitt to restore...and more. Thanks



I received the two bottles last evening. Of course I was excited to apply the products to my leather jacket. This was left in the sun and became faded. "WOW" I spent a half hour applying both per the instructions attached. I now have a black leather jacket once again.
Thank you for your quick response, as well as your quality product to restore leather. I look forward to trying your product on my two leather chairs. One yellow 40 years old, the other red 20 years old. In each case I will take a photo before and after.
You can use my testimony if you like.
Thank you for bringing a jacket that I enjoy every day. No longer am I ashamed to wear the black jacket. A MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, in your company.

URAD.COM NOTE: Mort used URAD Neutral, Tenderly as described here

Mort Landsberg


I wanted to thank you for your help in selecting the Urad products last week. I purchased them to help revive my old but still in good shape black leather jacket. On the weekend I followed the process and my jacket looks fantastic (better than I actually expected). Thanks again!

URAD.COM NOTE: Lisa used Aquila, URAD Neutral, Tenderly and Costa-Brava as described here

Lisa Mackie


No question, just compliments. I rehabbed a very old black sheepskin B-3 bomber that I bought on ebay. The jacket was so old and beat up it had no finish at all and the sheepskin was completely sueded. One arm was slightly discolored and looked like it was more of a chocolate brown than black but the jacket fits well and is really warm. I used a whole bottle of black dye mixed with 5 oz. of Tenderly and about 1.5 oz of Urad. Now the color is much more even and black and the sheepskin has almost a nappa finish on it from the little bit of Urad I used. Not shiny but it feels like finished leather, not suede. Its a huge improvement and I'm really glad I tried your products. Also, I only used about 1/3 of the mixture so I'll have enough to refinish the jacket a couple of times if I need to. Maybe I'll try a bit on some black shoes I have. Thanks!

Matt R

Here is Dominique before/after picture Urad never cease to amaze me! I did the old faded vinyl front panel of my scooter and it looks new again!
SEE Dominique's Before-After Picture here



While I am a committed URAD exclusive user as well as a distributor, I just tried another different top-coat care product that was suggested to me. Since I believe the only way to learn and develop excellence in your trade is to stay open to new ideas and possibilities - I bought it. I just want to say for the record that I ALWAYS am amazed at how superior Urad is in every way! I will not be wasting my money on anything else again- nothing could be better than the Urad line of products! Dena Hamilton -owner- Leather Care Specialists & Great Leather

Dena L Hamilton


Received my Urad products that felt like a "gift"! As you already know the Urad products are unbelievable in bringing back life to leather furniture. My furniture is looking youthful again!
I also want to express sincere appreciation for your advice and service over the phone. Please feel free to post my commendation for an exceptional product. It's either Urad or nothing at all!
Thank you!

URAD.COM NOTE: Customer got Aquila, Urad and Tenderly.



La gamme Urad fait des miracles chez moi tous les produits sont aussi efficaces les uns des autres. Ne pas oublier Grasso qui est excellent pour les bottes de travail. Tenderly est ma crème à main pour mes chaussures et mes bottes.
Félicitations d'avoir mis en marché ce type de produit.



The product is fantastic on our smooth leather furniture. After each visit from our Grandchildren, we use the product to remove scratches. Works great.



Je tiens à vous mentionner que j'ai bien reçu les 2 produits URAD pour mon manteau de cuir et j'ai appliqué le produit et je confirme que ce produit est merveilleux. Mon manteau de cuir a maintenant 20 ans, et il ressemble à un manteau tout juste sortie du magasin.

Linda Fortin


The products you offer for leather care are superior to anything else I have ever used!! I started using URAD on all my business shoes about 10 years ago when I lived in Manhattan. I then tried Tenderly leather cream with some URAD mixed in to preserve the moisture in the leather that Tenderly provides. I used it on a fine leather jacket and some leather dress gloves. I now live in South Florida and use it regularly to maintain and protect all my leather furniture & car seats from the drying affects of sunlight and air conditioning. It works extremely well!! My jacket and winter gloves now spend most of the time in the closet, but they look and feel as new as they did the first time I wore them! I highly recommend these products to anyone who invests in buying things made of leather. Keep up the good work, Dynamique



I discovered URAD at a show in Canada and purchased the product. Every year thereafter, for about 8 years when I visited Canada, I would make sure to purchase some before returning to Maine. At that time, URAD was not known to me or any of my friends. Now that it can be purchased on line, I don't have to wait for my visits to Canada! I have been a Police Officer for 34 years and cannot believe the shine and durability that URAD provides, but most of all it is the ease of applying that is the best feature for me. I wish I had discovered it years ago. My professional life would have been much easier! Thank you for such a wonderful product.

John Perrino

Maine USA

I've been using Urad on my shoes for years. Just once every two months keeps them looking sharp. People have asked me if I shine my shoes every time I wear them! Just an indication of how great this product is. The Tenderly product keeps my leather jackets and gloves soft and looking new. Just ordered my 2nd batch of Urad and Tenderly - just illustrates a little goes a long way. Great product that I openly recommend to friends and family.

Darin Pittman


Voici la photo Avant-Après de M Loustallot J'ai découvert Urad par hasard lors d'une foire en 2005. A ce moment là je cherchais un produit pour rénover un salon cuir (1 canapé 3 places + 1 canapé 2 places). J'ai finalement découvert un stand sur lequel était présenté Urad, je me suis laissé convaincre. Le résultat a été au-delà de mes espérances, faisant rajeunir mon salon cuir en le recolorant et en estompant les griffures ! Depuis je continue d'utiliser Urad pour ma veste en cuir et les chaussures, là aussi le résultat est toujours là, en quelques secondes mes chaussures retrouvent l'aspect du neuf avec un brillant incroyable ! Le tout avec une odeur très agréable, ce qui ne gâche rien ! Je recommande vraiment ce produit à tout le monde, essayez, vous serez surpris du résultat ! L'essayer c'est l'adopter !

URAD.COM NOTE: Voir les photos orinales du meuble de M. Loustallot AVANT et APRÈS l'application d'Urad

Guillaume Loustallot


J'utilise TENDERLY sur mes blousons en cuir vachette et agneau et le resultat est plus que parfait: le cuir est devient vraiment souple et tres doux au toucher. Entre autre, j'utilise aussi GRASSO pour mes chaussures de montagne, depuis quleques mois, et elles restent toujours dans l'etat où je les ai acheter. Deux produits que je conseille vivement à tous ceux qui hesitent encore. Un grand Bravo et Merci à URAD.

Chris C.



URAD.COM NOTE: customer got UR140108(Urad Green) and Tenderly

Timothy Lettich


This customer came in after he found out that he forgot his wet leather coat in the trunk of his car. He had left it there for some time...He wanted to know if I had anything to fix the finish of his coat...Something that would really work... He was devastated by what happened to the one sleeve of his coat that was resting on the bottom of the floor in the trunk of his car. I suggested that I try using the Urad Brown on it. I wiped the coat clean with a spot remover, and then applied the Urad and left it over night...When I came back, it was ready to wear again. He was astounded by the appearence of his coat. I also applied one coat of Tenderly. He was so happy, he bought one of each the brown Urad and Tenderly.
side by side before and after.


MN 55104

Cavalière de dressage, présentant également mon cheval lors de nombreuses prestations (cinéma, journaux, haras nationaux, salons, etc...), je recommande à tous les cavaliers les produits TENDERLY qui sont utiles pour toutes sortes de cuirs pour les cavaliers (des selles au bottes sans oublier tout le reste). En ce qui me concerne, j'ai fait l'achat de bride et autres accessoires bicolores (couleurs du drapeau espagnol) et c'est vraiment le seul produit qui règle l'ensemble de mes problèmes de nettoyage pour un investissement minimum et une qualité maximum !!! Alors, n'hésitez plus !!!

Laurence Nicolas


Suivez vraiment les instructions! Faites les mélanges tels que suggérés... n'utilisez pas d'autres produits que ceux vendus par URAD....pour reteindre un fauteuil en cuir décoloré, terne, etc. J'ai bien commencé.... mais il me manquait un peu de teinture (Costa Brava) pour obtenir la couleur plus foncée que je voulais obtenir. Alors, je suis allée chez mon cordonnier et j'ai acheté de la teinture en aérosol. MALHEUR!!! Le mélange des deux... a fait que tout a commencé à peler!!! Il a fallu que je gratte tout, à la main, délicatement... (bien utiles les ongles!). Dominique, chez URAD, à Montréal a pris le temps de me téléphoner pour bien m'expliquer ce qui s'est passé... notamment que la teinture du cordonnier, c'était un peu comme une couche de peinture que je venais de mettre sur mon fauteuil. J'ai donc tout recommencé (et tout acheté à nouveau). Mon fauteuil; mes deux fauteuils sont maintenant MAGNIFIQUES... malgré leur 18 ans! Comme neufs, mais avec une patine qui leur donne une allure de «fauteuils de riches»!!! Du rose infâme qu'ils étaient devenus par la décoloration, ils sont d'un beau brun riche, brillant... Je suis vraiment fière du produit fini. Et si j'avais bien suivi les instructions, cela se serait fait très rapidement, sans fatigue inutile. Merci, donc URAD.... Dommage que je ne puisse vous montrer les photos avant-après», surtout celles en cours de travail où l'on voit l'horreur... des deux couleurs et du «peeling». Je peux vous les envoyer par courriel si vous le désirez. Marie-Paule Dessaint

Marie-Paule Dessaint


Here is Linda's before/after picture I contacted Dynamique9 Inc. at and was so impressed with the help he gave me as to what product was right for my leather sofa. it was dry and cracked and stained. He even gave me specifics for certain stains! Now my sofa looks brand new. The old color and shine is back. I even enclosed pictures to of my old sofa and will send the new. It's amazing I have my next order all ready because I even tried it on my old leather backpacks and they too are like new. I didn't think I would be writing a commercial but with something this good you need to spread the word. Thank You Dominique!
Thank You for your Urad products!
Linda Longhi Feeding Hills, MA

URAD.COM NOTE: Linda got Aquila, Tenderly and Urad.
SEE Linda's original before picture and the after picture

Linda Longhi


Nous apprécions énormément les produits URAD. Chaussures Fillion Sports offre le servive d'entretien gratuit des chaussures achetées dans une de nos succursales et ce sont les produits URAD que nous employons pour conserver le bel état du cuir et satisfaire encore plus nos clients. D'ailleurs nous effectuons souvent des démonstrations sur de vieilles chaussures afin d'appuyer et garantir nos ventes de produits. Nous gardons toujours en inventaire plus d'une soixantaine de produits URAD incluant Tenderly et URAD Mât. Nous vous félicitons pour la qualité de vos produits et la rapidité de vos livraisons.
De la part de toute l'équipe, Merci pour votre bon travail!

Chaussures Fillion


This is a picture I took before and after using the Black Urad product on a badly faded purse.
The man who brought the purse in for his wife, said that she was stunned at the results. He didn't tell her that he brought it in, and he surprised her with the refurbished purse on her birthday!
SEE GENE's Picture here



Unbelievable products My wife works in a hospital and gets comments daily as to how nice her shoes look. White URAD used with Tenderly keeps them looking new. It also keeps them soft. I also have used the netural URAD with the Tenderly on Leather furniture and it makes it so soft and rich looking. Jack

Jack Bass


Nous montrons URAD à nos étudiants et vantons sa polyvalence et sa rapidité. C'est un produit unique. Il sèche vite et on a pas besoin de frotter. On enseigne aussi aux plus entrepreneurs qu'on peut le vendre ! Tenderly est aussi utilisé à l'intérieur du cours 'Coupe et Confection du cuir'. Nous aimons la douceur et la souplesse qu'il donne au cuir. Professeur au Centre de formation professionnelle de Neufchatel

Raymond Julien


9 fois sur 10, je vends les produits URAD. Ils sont moins chers que la plupart des produits offerts et il donnent de bien meilleurs résultats !

Jacques Gill


AS a shoe repair man, I am very happy with a product that makes me look good. I can use it on a black Coach purse that a customer is wearing, and don't have to worry about it rubbing off, and I can use it on boots, shoes, coats, what-ever, and it makes the customer happy immediately. I use Urad neutral when I do professional dye work, because it takes away the sticky feeling that dye work has. I always use the Tenderly as an extra as a top coat to complete the job. I use all colors, and I can mix them to make custom shades. I also use the neutral on alot of the leather full sole jobs that we do. It makes the leather soles have the new factory look.



I got EXCITED when I found Urad products!!! They are so remarkably better than the other products out there for cowhide and suede, AND, I have never found anything that will work for lamb in the applications Urad has made available! I've been able to tap a whole new market in my business because of a service I could not provide before. That of redying and conditioning lamb coats. I'd had frequent requests in the past, but I could never capitalize on that avenue. In 31 years of leather working, making hard leather belts, sheepskin coats & vests, high end leather coats with detachable fox collars, specialty items of exotics,and leather garment repairs and alterations. I've never found anthing close to the Urad products!!!

Dena Hamilton


I have used your products on my cowboy boots and other leather goods for the past year. Your products are truly outstanding.

James D Parenti