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I bought a jar of Urad cream at the National Finals Rodeo after the gentalman used it on my boots. My husband refurbishes old saddles & ran off with the can as soon as we got home from Las Vegas. Those old, abused saddles come out so beautiful that even our saddlemaker friend was impressed! I've just reordered an extra jar for him & am trying the Aquila as my new saddle has a suede seat & fenders!

Michele Fernandez


I have never had a product clean my saddle like Aquila!! The silver laced rawhide trim is white again. They now look next to new. I wouldn't have bought a jar of URAD thinking it was way too expensive and wouldn't go far enough but it only takes a tiny bit and is well worth every penny. I have been telling all of my barrel racing friends.

Brenda Murrell


I found out about this product throught the chromeheads web site.It was the discovery of the year.I placed my order and received a phone call from the owner (Dominique)He advised me on a different product that would be more suited to my needs.I wanted to try the product so I accepted his recomendation. I own a 1998 R1200 C Ivory with blue trim(leather)seat and hard bags(BMW stox)the seat was so bad,the only options was replace or re-upholster.So far I've use the Aquila cleaner/shampoo once along with a thine coat of URAD cream polish and "voila"its almost like new.The same proceedure was used on the bags and the same results appeared.Thanks Dominique for your help and suggestion it realy worked.I recomend this product to anyone who is concidering replacing or reupholstering ,Try it you'll like it Thanks ROLAND

Roland Duval