Note importante:
Tous nos produits ont été testés de façon exhaustive. Cependant, comme tout cuir est unique, de par sa matière première et par les méthodes et produits de tannerie, nous recommandons de toujours faire un test dans un coin moins visible AVANT l'application de n'importe quel produit d'entretien du cuir.

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Are they the same product?

URAD leather cream has been sold under its original brand name since the early sixties. Occasionally, URAD leather cream was private labeled and commercialized under various other brand names. In the “90, the brand name LEATHER MATE became well know in the USA and at the time, URAD and LEATHER MATE were the exact same product. This is no longer the case, and to answer the large number of customers who were led to believe we had ‘changed our recipe’ or other such things and who sent us complaints, we issued the following statement:


The product called LEATHER MATE is no longer manufactured by URAD.*

*At the time of writing (Aug 2013) only one exception remains: Australia. See Notes.

The first time Leather mate switched products was in 2001. In our 2001 investigation, we found customers were told by Leather Mate’s distributors and sales people that it was still the original Leather Mate (made by URAD) but was now imported in barrels and was simply shaken too much before bottling... Not true! They eventually switched back to URAD.

Then in 2010, they switched product again. And again, our investigation revealed that the information presented to justify the switch, both on LEATHER MATE’s web site and in their brochures, implied that Leather Mate was the ‘same as URAD’. Our only concern with this issue is to prevent customers from being misled. The new Leather Mate is not the same as the original LEATHER MATE product that was made by URAD. And it is not URAD! End of story.

LEATHER MATE and URAD side by side color comparation

‘New’ Leather Mate vs URAD

The new LEATHER MATE product (not made by URAD) (see picture left jar) looks more like a white paste, smells like a regular shoe polish and produces limited results compared to the original Leather Mate (made by Urad). URAD cream is more yellowish-brownish in color (see picture right jar) and has a natural tree smell (See carnauba wax article). URAD still is and has always been all natural, biodegradable and non-toxic.

  • URAD still private labels URAD cream under the LEATHER MATE brand name for Australia only.


If you want the Original Leather Mate that was made by Urad:

  1. Make sure it’s written ‘Made by URAD’ right on the jar.
  2. If you can’t get it, just buy URAD cream from one of your local Urad dealers or order URAD online.
  3. Please document and report any misuse of URAD brand name.