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Color restore -Base Kit

Do-It-yourself color restoration kit for Leather sofa and leather jackets.
Professional results, yet easy and quick to use!

Price: $47.19 - $72.50


Quickly restore color to old tattered, cracked or worn-out leather with this easy to use kit!
This Do-It-yourself color restoration kit for leather sofas and leather jackets includes only the essential products needed to do this restoration method.  This means you get the products that are common for everybody and everything you need, except for the dye that you need to purchase separately.  In some cases, the restoration method recommends cleaning the leather first, in which case you also need to get this leather cleaner

The base kit contains the following items:
1 x URAD (3.5 oz-100 g) in Small kit   or 1 x URAD (5 oz-140 g) in Large kit,
1 x Tenderly (5 oz-140 g) in Small kit   or 1 x Tenderly (17.5 oz-500 ml) in Large kit
1 x Liquid Oil (15 ml)
1 x Sahara spray,
2 x Latex-free protective gloves,
1 x printed instruction.

The base kit DOES NOT include:


  • Don’t forget to add the Costa-Brava dye to your cart. Available Here.
  • Purchase and mix any of the colors available to achieve the color you need, see Costa Brava Color Swatch (PDF file 371KB) for some examples.
  • If cleaning is needed before restoration, the Aquila cleaner is NOT included in base kit. Get Aquila here!
  • Large kit with Costa-Brava dye usually includes Free shipping (Can and US) see shipping Discounts for details.


The base kit includes a printed version of the "step-by-step" leather jackets color restoration instruction.

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