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All our products have been subjected to exhaustive testing. However, since every leather is unique, both in terms of the raw materials, products employed and tanning methods used in its preparation, we recommend that a test be made on a less visible part of the article prior to the application of any leather care product.
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Softener for leather. Great on ALL types of leather!

Price: $15.95 - $37.25


A softener that protects. Gives leather a soft touch.

Especially suitable on leather clothing such as gloves, pants and jackets, and for any color. Tenderly suits all leather that won't put up with greasy, wax-base polishes or any regular leather care product. Particularly, exotic leathers, kid, lambskin.

It will also soften cowhide and more robust leather.


  • Tenderly and URAD are often used together on furniture or clothing. Either one after the other or preferably mixed together. Apply with the provided sponge. Gently rub in and let dry a few minutes.

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