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All our products have been subjected to exhaustive testing. However, since every leather is unique, both in terms of the raw materials, products employed and tanning methods used in its preparation, we recommend that a test be made on a less visible part of the article prior to the application of any leather care product.

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I was convinced at the Houston rodeo 3 yrs ago to buy this for my truck leather seats. Wow what a difference. Thanks to COVID I can't get ahold of the retailer at the rodeo so I'm on the site. We even left the windows down and the leather edge of the window ledge got wet and wrinkled. I was able to soften and then reglue the leather and it's as if it never happended. We live in a hot area and I faithfully apply about every 4-6 months. Love this stuff.

melissa M bradley


I first bought Urad at a Home Show at my home in B.C., Canada about 12 years ago, it is a great product and lasts a long time. It has taken me a while to find another jar to replace the old one. I use it on shoes, purses, wallets, my leather furniture and in my car, so I bought 2 jars this time, 1 black and 1 neutral.

Mary Wallace


The products you offer for leather care are superior to anything else I have ever used!! I started using URAD on all my business shoes about 10 years ago when I lived in Manhattan. I then tried Tenderly leather cream with some URAD mixed in to preserve the moisture in the leather that Tenderly provides. I used it on a fine leather jacket and some leather dress gloves. I now live in South Florida and use it regularly to maintain and protect all my leather furniture & car seats from the drying affects of sunlight and air conditioning. It works extremely well!! My jacket and winter gloves now spend most of the time in the closet, but they look and feel as new as they did the first time I wore them! I highly recommend these products to anyone who invests in buying things made of leather. Keep up the good work, Dynamique



Late last Fall, I bought a 2011 Buick Regal with very light tan leather seats (colour is called "Cashmere" by GM), and over the wet & snowy winter the seats became very visibly stained with the blue dye from my wife's and my new blue jeans !! My reaction ? Near panic !! Dark blue dye on light tan leather seats, yipes, oh no !! I very carefully tried a couple of brand name leather cleaning products available from car specialty shops, with no removal of the stain (and fortunately, no damage to the leather). Now what? I knew of URAD, but thought it was more for leather preservation, especially shoes, coats, etc., for which I have used it for several years with great satisfaction. Well, after scanning the internet, and reading some info & testimonials on URAD's Aquila leather cleaner, I figured it was worth a try, and the risk of leather damage would be very limited for such a well known brand.. After testing the cleaner in an inconspicuous area to ensure it would cause no damage, I gingerly sprayed some on the driver's seat .... and could not believe my eyes !!! The blue dye "melted" away before my eyes and blue-stained Aquila cleaner liquid was just sitting on the surface of the leather, waiting to be wiped away.. which I quickly did, with a HUGE smile on my face and while almost laughing foolishly with joy :-) Bottom line: I am ENTHRALLED with this cleaner, and see it is of the same quality as the leather treatment products that I have used for more than a decade !! I guarantee I will be a dedicated URAD customer for the rest of my life !! Ladies & Gentlemen of URAD, Bravo and thanks for creating such a high-quality product line !! Rick G (Montreal, Qc, Canada)

Rick Groot

Quebec, Canada

Great product. It covered some light scratches on my BMW seats. Highly recommended

Rodolfo Uribe


Un client, propriétaire d'une Jaguar, cherchait désespérément quelqu'un capable de restaurer l'intérieur de sa voiture sans l'abîmer. J'ai utilisé URAD neutre et ajouté un peu de URAD bleu là où la couleur était vraiment disparue. Je me suis assuré que rien ne déteindrait en frottant très fort avec un linge sec et en appliquant un peu d'imperméabilisant SAHARA. Le propriétaire de la Jaguar a été plus que satisfait du résultat et a déclaré qu'il ne pensait pas qu'un produit comme URAD existait.

Luc Lapointe


I first purchased URAD at a home show in Phoenix, AZ (USA) about 3 years ago. Just finished it. Love it. Cleaned up the interior of my husbands car here in New Zealand complete with leather seats. They looked brand new when I was done. Even he was impressed. He had the car 11 years and had not cleaned the seats other than a wipe now and then when something spilled. I use it on my purses and shoes. It is fast, easy and the results are really amazing. I want my order to quickly get to me cause I am out. One container, 3 years. You do indeed, use very little! Thanks from a lifetime user, Debbie

Debbie Kennedy

New Zealand

My husband and I have tried other products similar to yours, but URAD products excels in quality and endurance every time.

Virginia Scott


(Taken from Minot Daily News) Exerts of Interview:...In addition to the custom boots, Service Shoe Shop also does shoe shines and repairs, refinishing leather jackets, luggage... The shop even happended upon a unique leather care product to help protect that custom design. The revitalizing product is called URAD. I haven't seen a product like this in my 49 years in business, and I've shined a lot of shoes in those years. The product is good for reviving old leather and all colors. In addition to shoes and boots, URAD is used on saddles, sports equipment, car interiors, luggage, and unvarnished wood. URAD is an all nutural product made with carnauba tree wax. No buffing is required and it is water repellent. (to contact Larry, go to dealers listing and search for Retailers in Minot,ND,USA)

Larry Spiros


These are the leather care products most commonly used for the cleaning and conditioning of leather car seats. For more information, visit our support section article: Cars and Airplanes Leather Seats

Urad 200ml jar (opened with applicator sponge on the side or closed with applicator sponge hidden inside)

Cleans, moisturizes, protects and shines leather. Contains no silicone, alcohol or petroleum-based products.
Our Bestseller! (Available in 5 sizes - 9 colors)

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Aquila leather cleaner 500 ml-120ml

All purpose leather cleaner. Gentle enough to be used regularly on leather, suede, Nubuck, etc.

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TENDERLY leather softner - 140 ml jar

Softener for leather. Great on ALL types of leather!

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Bundle of a 140 ml jars of Neutral URAD leather cream and TENDERLY softener for leather

URAD & TENDERLY 2 jars bundle
URAD All-In-One leather cream and TENDERLY softener.
Two Bestsellers at the best price! 
2 jars bundle at 5% reduction

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All 3 available sizes of Costa-Brava dye (100 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml)

Acrylic dye for smooth leather.

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1 lt Bottle of our concentrated leather cleaner

Gentle leather cleaner concentrated.

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