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All our products have been subjected to exhaustive testing. However, since every leather is unique, both in terms of the raw materials, products employed and tanning methods used in its preparation, we recommend that a test be made on a less visible part of the article prior to the application of any leather care product.
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I am a professional Santa Claus and have been using the URAD product for the last 7 years.
I will say it's a great product to instantly put a reasonable shine on my leather boots and the neutral URAD helps keep my 4" leather belt looking good too. I like that if I am on site and in a hurry, I can just dab any scuff marks, you know the kind from kiddies getting off your knee and landing on your boots, with even a bit of damp cloth and look well enough to carry on.
I like that the shine lasts for a long time and is very easy to apply. I keep a small jar in my kit bag all the time. Yes a little goes a long way, even on Santa boots!

Santa Edson

Alberta, Canada

While I am a committed URAD exclusive user as well as a distributor, I just tried another different top-coat care product that was suggested to me. Since I believe the only way to learn and develop excellence in your trade is to stay open to new ideas and possibilities - I bought it. I just want to say for the record that I ALWAYS am amazed at how superior Urad is in every way! I will not be wasting my money on anything else again- nothing could be better than the Urad line of products! Dena Hamilton -owner- Leather Care Specialists & Great Leather

Dena L Hamilton


I went to the Ottawa Bike show yesterday and had my boots done by a salesmodel. Bought a jar and just now finished refreshing three of my motorcycle jackets. FANTASTIC results. Just last week, I had been given an estimate by a dry cleaner to do them for $53 each. Over $150! To do the three jackets I used just a smidgen from my 200 gm jar. You can bet I will be ordering more as I have a bunch of boots, vests, chaps gloves, bike seat and bib to do. I wish I had known about this product long ago. THANKS! Happy Biker.

Len Westerberg

Ontario, Canada

Received my Urad products that felt like a "gift"! As you already know the Urad products are unbelievable in bringing back life to leather furniture. My furniture is looking youthful again!
I also want to express sincere appreciation for your advice and service over the phone. Please feel free to post my commendation for an exceptional product. It's either Urad or nothing at all!
Thank you!

URAD.COM NOTE: Customer got Aquila, Urad and Tenderly.



The product is fantastic on our smooth leather furniture. After each visit from our Grandchildren, we use the product to remove scratches. Works great.



I have been very particular about keeping my shoes, boots and other leather articles looking their best since I was twelve years old. I have purchased dozens of different polishes and creams over the years. Many did a good job but were quite time consuming and messy to use. Now that I've discovered Urad, I can have all of my leather looking great in a fraction of the time without the mess. I also find that the finish lasts longer than the conventional waxes and polishes and seems to keep the leather softer and more supple. Now, to get rid of the box of cans and bottles that are no longer needed... I've been converted. DS

Don Sproule


I have been using Urad for several years,it does an amazing job at making leather look great. I love this product.


I purchased Urad neutral at the Home Show in Duluth. I sell a leather cleaner and I wanted to compare it. Everyone who sees my saddles can't believe how nice they look and how fast it is to use! I love it!!!



I have used Urad for 20 years. I first bought it at the NILE Livestock Show in Billings Mt. It was called Leathermate at that time but manufactured by Urad. DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT CALLED LEATHERMATE TODAY. It is not the same product as Urad. This is the best leather product on the market PERIOD! I have used it on Boots, Clothing, Saddles and tack. It cleans, restores, and protects better than anything and is so easy to apply Joe Biden could do it. Dont waste any more money on other leather conditioners. Urad is the ONLY product worth your money.



I first found Urad at an underground (literally underground) in Toronto, Canada in 1996 I think. I loved it so much I have bought it almost yearly since though not necessarily under the Urad name. It has several "Product" names around the Phoenix area, but it is the same inside the container. ( Editor Note: see disclaimer) I have not been able to get anything but neutral for a few years and I prefer black as all my shoes are black. I am a disabled Veteran and buffing my shoes with conventional wax polish is very hard and a bit painful, but Urad just wipes on and the shoes are ready to put on and go. I was told by the last distributor I talked to at the Fair to go to "" and I could order it, so I did. I am a happy camper again. Thanks Urad for a great product.



I first tried Urad for leather over 13 years ago when my father purchased it at a trade show & shined my cowboy boots for me. Since then, when ever I saw the product at a tradeshow I would by some for myself & for him. So glad to have found this website so that I can order it when I need it. Works fantastic on boots, shoes, purses.... My favourite black leather back pak purse was looking tired & worn, purchased some black urad & applied it, looks brand new. Love it!

Kimber Kennedy





I first bought Urad at a Home Show at my home in B.C., Canada about 12 years ago, it is a great product and lasts a long time. It has taken me a while to find another jar to replace the old one. I use it on shoes, purses, wallets, my leather furniture and in my car, so I bought 2 jars this time, 1 black and 1 neutral.

Mary Wallace


Saw the product at a trade show. So impressed I bought a can there and ordered two more. Highly recommended.

Jeff Luck


URAD is by far the best leather care product I have ever found. Quick and easy to use. Does not build up residue on surface of leather like other instant polishes. Great for maintaining law enforcement duty leather gear as well as civilian leather, especially western boots. I have been using URAD since the early 1990s and just placed another order. The five can special is a great deal, and the company will substitue colors on some of the order if requested. I strongly recommend the product and am a long time repeat customer.

Jeff McDermott


URAD made my saddles look new again. Love this product!

Susan Hervey


The products you offer for leather care are superior to anything else I have ever used!! I started using URAD on all my business shoes about 10 years ago when I lived in Manhattan. I then tried Tenderly leather cream with some URAD mixed in to preserve the moisture in the leather that Tenderly provides. I used it on a fine leather jacket and some leather dress gloves. I now live in South Florida and use it regularly to maintain and protect all my leather furniture & car seats from the drying affects of sunlight and air conditioning. It works extremely well!! My jacket and winter gloves now spend most of the time in the closet, but they look and feel as new as they did the first time I wore them! I highly recommend these products to anyone who invests in buying things made of leather. Keep up the good work, Dynamique



Your product came with my custom crocodile motorcycle seat. Alligator Bob in Lake Vila, IL made the seat and thought enough of your creme to send it along with the expensive seat. I live in Florida and the seat is subjected to all types of extreme weather conditions. It is now 4 years old and looks just like it did when it was made after using the product. I think it saved me a bunch of money. I also use this on my exotic hide cowboy boots. Works great as advertised. Thank you.

Jon Barrow


A friend of mine recommended that I try Urad on my motorcycle leathers. After applying just a small amount to my jacket and chaps I still cant believe what a difference it made. I dont think they looked this good new as they do after applying Urad! You have a customer for life!

Tim Chandler


Late last Fall, I bought a 2011 Buick Regal with very light tan leather seats (colour is called "Cashmere" by GM), and over the wet & snowy winter the seats became very visibly stained with the blue dye from my wife's and my new blue jeans !! My reaction ? Near panic !! Dark blue dye on light tan leather seats, yipes, oh no !! I very carefully tried a couple of brand name leather cleaning products available from car specialty shops, with no removal of the stain (and fortunately, no damage to the leather). Now what? I knew of URAD, but thought it was more for leather preservation, especially shoes, coats, etc., for which I have used it for several years with great satisfaction. Well, after scanning the internet, and reading some info & testimonials on URAD's Aquila leather cleaner, I figured it was worth a try, and the risk of leather damage would be very limited for such a well known brand.. After testing the cleaner in an inconspicuous area to ensure it would cause no damage, I gingerly sprayed some on the driver's seat .... and could not believe my eyes !!! The blue dye "melted" away before my eyes and blue-stained Aquila cleaner liquid was just sitting on the surface of the leather, waiting to be wiped away.. which I quickly did, with a HUGE smile on my face and while almost laughing foolishly with joy :-) Bottom line: I am ENTHRALLED with this cleaner, and see it is of the same quality as the leather treatment products that I have used for more than a decade !! I guarantee I will be a dedicated URAD customer for the rest of my life !! Ladies & Gentlemen of URAD, Bravo and thanks for creating such a high-quality product line !! Rick G (Montreal, Qc, Canada)

Rick Groot

Quebec, Canada

These are the most AMAZING products ever made. I have used URAD on leather that looked like it was at the end of its life and these products have literally given the leather nine new lives. You will see a difference right before your eyes. Thank you for making such a great set of products. I have restored saddles, handbags, shoes, you name it.

Ann Donovan


I have purchased Urad products from my local cobbler for the past three years. I love the shoe creme, it is so easy to apply and the shoes continue to look like new.



I purchased Urad at a Farm and ranch show last year and absolutely love it, there are about 8 pairs of boots in our house and it is used on every pair! Just this week My father in law passed away and we wanted his championship Roping saddle to put on his casket with flowers so we dug it out of the tack house and it was amazing how beautiful it looked once again. It made for a beautiful casket piece. I just ordered more and got some of the 50ml jars for gifts!! Thanks for making such a great product!!



I purchased an old, late 1800's early 1900's leather doctor's case at an auction. The piece was on its last leg. I had used your original neutral URAD before on my shoes so I thought I would give it a try on this case. It was amazing, not only did the color change but over time and an additional application the leather "came alive". Thank you for such quality products. I just ordered more product this evening to give as gifts.

Michael Johll