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All our products have been subjected to exhaustive testing. However, since every leather is unique, both in terms of the raw materials, products employed and tanning methods used in its preparation, we recommend that a test be made on a less visible part of the article prior to the application of any leather care product.
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I started using URAD a few years ago. Best product ever! The before and after pictures are very accurate. A little goes a long way
I’ve been out of it for a while and our shoes show it!! Looking forward to having it again.

Shirley Weisenburger


I've used Urad on three pairs of cowboy boots and they look amazing. Urad conditioned them to be and look new. It's the easiest product on the market. I highly recommend it. Next are my saddles, I'm sure they will look showroom ready.

Anthony DeIntinis


Very good product. Shines and protects while also conditioning. Natural oil is the best.



Our 3-piece leather sofa, loveseat, and chair are 30+ years old, and thanks to Urad they look like the day we purchased them. We recently had the cushions restuffed, and the technician working on them could not believe the age of the furniture. He certainly will be passing on the name of your company to his many customers. the condition of our much-loved leather furniture, is what it is, thanks to your leather care products! Thanks so much!

Jean Crawford


This stuff is amazing! It made my leather bag look better than new!


Wisconsin, USA

I was attending the Calgary Home Show and there was a Urad booth doing demonstrations and selling the product. They quickly applied Urad to my tired and scuffed Blundstones which unbelievably made them look new again, and so quick and easy. I now use it on everything leather that I own, footwear, leather furniture and motorcycle jackets keeping them looking great,feeling smooth and supple and water resistant. Can't live without the stuff.

Willard Ripley

British Columbia

I have loved this product for many years. Amazing xo

Helga Kreissler


My leather sofa and love seat are 25 years old. They are seldom sat in but badly scratched from cats running across them. Since they are a vanilla color I didn't think that there was much hope for them. Since I've used Urad products on jackets and shoes I thought it was worth a try to save them. After I ordered everything suggested to dye and restore these sofas I went to work. The sofas turned out beautiful. They look new. I am so pleased with the results. Thank you Urad for offering such great products!

URAD.COM NOTE: customer got Costa-Brava Dye and the Color Restore kit

Tonya Higham


Here is Kathleen paddock boots before/after pictureI have been using the black urad since 2019 and absolutely love what it does for my super well loved riding boots! My paddock boots look so much better after treatment!

Kathleen Finucane


Bought this from our local shoe repair shop. We used it on a badly faded Grey leather jacket and the results were unbelievable. It looks brand new and is now the go to jacket.

Tonya Higham


I was convinced at the Houston rodeo 3 yrs ago to buy this for my truck leather seats. Wow what a difference. Thanks to COVID I can't get ahold of the retailer at the rodeo so I'm on the site. We even left the windows down and the leather edge of the window ledge got wet and wrinkled. I was able to soften and then reglue the leather and it's as if it never happended. We live in a hot area and I faithfully apply about every 4-6 months. Love this stuff.

melissa M bradley


Mary Anne and Bev were very helpful and kind and went out of their way to help me with my leather situation to the best of their ability. Also a shout out to Dominique for his help as well. Great people!
The Urad products are easy to use and clean up well.

Canadian Girl


I ordered Urad, Grasso and Aquila. I used the Aquila on my saddle and oil tanned chaps. I applied Urad to my saddle and Grasso to my chaps. The difference is amazing. So glad I found your products!

Eleanor Denton


EXCEPTION PRODUCT, I use it on my leather jacket as well as my shoes, boots, belts, & holsters!


New Mexico

We wanted to update our 20+ year old leather couch/love seat - it was either replace or refurbish. Robby reached out to URAD, Leather care products (Canadian company based in Montreal) for information & advice. He spoke to Dominque who made suggestions on what to buy (& not buy), how to apply it, and requested us to call back if we had any further questions or ran into issues. The colour of dye that he sent on Robby’s description - med brown… was perfect! The entire process - removing the cushions, cleaning, dyeing/conditioning/sealing, and putting everything back took 5 hours for both pieces. Although our set was not too bad, there were some spots that definitely needed refurbishing and the result is so much more than I expected! This is a perfect DIY project for anyone….I would say it was easy, but hubby did all the work (I was on consulting and admiration duty)! We would happily recommend this product to everyone! PS: we still have to replace the foam in the cushions - can't wait! (also not sure how to indicate 'before' & 'after'...)

URAD.COM NOTE: Robbs got Aquila, Tenderly and Urad (as a bundle ) as well as Costa-Brava dye.


Ontario, Canada

Here is Sam's before/after picture of the front of his jacketI wanted to pass along my gratitude and satisfaction with these products for a recent motorcycle jacket restoration and for your guidance to change the dye type from matte to normal. The outcome is nothing short of miraculous. I've attached photos of the before and after. I cleaned the whole jacket with the leather cleaner and let it dry first. I treated some areas with direct dye application (the removed patches glue, on the back, left no color behind). Then, I went over the whole jacket twice with the recommended combination of products and am going to waterproof it this evening.
Thank you again and you've gained a customer for life for any future leather restoration and cleaning needs. NOTE: Sam got Aquila, Color Restoration kit and Costa-Brava dye.
Sam's Before-After pictures of the jacket's Front and Back

Sam Graves


We paid over $500 for a company to recondition our leather couch. The next time it needed to be reconditioned I used Urad total leather care and it came out as well as a professional job. I have just ordered more!

Shelly Robichaud


I have been using Urad on my saddles and it makes them look new. LOVE this product ❤️

Rhoda Simper


Here is Bonnies's before/after pictureAfter a long search for the right restoration products, I found URAD, along with outstanding customer service from Madeleine in the sales office and Dominique in operations. And when I needed special help to correct sun fading, Dominique shared his expertise in the exact mixing and application of two pigment colors -- as well as the URAD cream and Tenderly. The restoration work was easy and my 15-year old couch has now regained all its original rich color and luster. Thank you for great products and great service! It doesn't get any better than this! Bonnie Weaver, Wallingford, PA (US)

URAD.COM NOTE: SEE Bonnie's original before and after pictures

Bonnie Weaver


I first found out about Urad almost a year ago from a guy at a gun show in San Diego. I was wearing my pair of cowboy boots and he offered to clean them for me using Urad. I hesitated slightly about letting him do so, but later I realized that Urad was not some knock-off or a cheap leather cleaner made in some guy's garage. Urad is legit. After he cleaned and polished by boots with it, I immediately paid for one 7oz container from him. I have not once regretted it. With a single dip of a sponge, you can quickly and effectively clean, polish, and protect your leather western boots. It works amazing for me and I would recommend it to anybody else who wears western boots. I just bought another container yesterday because I am planning on trying Urad out with some other leather items.

Enoch Profancik


Have been using URAD products for many years on shoes, furniture and jackets and it has literally saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the years. URAD allows me to maintain/ restore the investments I have made at a minimal cost (cost of product with minimal effort), and avoid incurring significant replacement costs for items I have invested in. Highly recommend this product. Proud owner of a 20 year old leather jacket that still looks like new, thanks to URAD.

Hyacinth DaCosta


I had bought a used black leather jacket, I used "Urad black" did wonders on the jacket. Made the leather more souple and shinier. I would recommend the product.

Stephane Clement


Here is Debbie's before/after picture

It's NOT just for leather boots!!
Hubs has diabetic neuropathy...
If you can't look good in a pair of REALLY sucks!!

Debbie Christensen Cox


Truly a fantastic product. Shoes look like a million bucks even after being exposed to snow and salt. Bought it at a market last summer. Been ecstatic with the results. ordering more.

Sam C

Alberta, Canada

We have some very nice leather furniture that is about 20 years old. It had been fading and neede some type of conditioning. We looked for some time to find someone or something that might be able to bring back the great luster to our furniture. We found Urad, so happy with this product, works like a dream. Love this product, have used it for a couple years now and will continue to use it! Amazing!!! Very happy!

Holly Hansen


Wonderful Urad products! Today I’m smiling at my new restored sofa. Most of the cracks and loss of color have disappeared and there is now a softer, brighter, smoother surface. I no longer need new furniture. Thanks to Dominique for coaching me through what to buy and the easy application.

URAD.COM NOTE: Marilyn used Urad Green on discolored area then URAD Neutral mixed with Tenderly as described here

Marilyn M Crockower

Ontario CAN

Your restore kit did a fantastic job on a 1940 German leather trench-coat. It looks like new. Now I have a 1940's baseball mitt to restore...and more. Thanks



I received the two bottles last evening. Of course I was excited to apply the products to my leather jacket. This was left in the sun and became faded. "WOW" I spent a half hour applying both per the instructions attached. I now have a black leather jacket once again.
Thank you for your quick response, as well as your quality product to restore leather. I look forward to trying your product on my two leather chairs. One yellow 40 years old, the other red 20 years old. In each case I will take a photo before and after.
You can use my testimony if you like.
Thank you for bringing a jacket that I enjoy every day. No longer am I ashamed to wear the black jacket. A MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, in your company.

URAD.COM NOTE: Mort used URAD Neutral, Tenderly as described here

Mort Landsberg


I wanted to thank you for your help in selecting the Urad products last week. I purchased them to help revive my old but still in good shape black leather jacket. On the weekend I followed the process and my jacket looks fantastic (better than I actually expected). Thanks again!

URAD.COM NOTE: Lisa used Aquila, URAD Neutral, Tenderly and Costa-Brava as described here

Lisa Mackie


Here is Belinda's before/after picture I wanted to show you my refurbished shoes. They look a lot better now. I'll take better care of shoes I purchase from now on since I have the products I purchased from you.
Thank you, Belinda
See BEFORE Picture here
See AFTER Picture here

URAD.COM NOTE: Belinda used Aquila, Grasso and URAD light brown

Belinda Shaw


I'm so happy and utterly impressed....I only Wish I could show you right now!!!
I have, for years, been trying to find a safe effective cleaner for my cream leather couches. Nothing has worked. Yesturday, I attended a show where your vendor was selling this product....not only did we get our shoes shined...(Thank You!), but I finally found a cleaner that works!! I used it in my leather couches today...I'm seriously amazed and really so happy, I had to write this review.

Great great product...great price point...I highly recommend it! I can't believe how it took the discolouration out of the sofas. It dried within minutes. No more dark Jean stains!!! I should have bought more! Thank you...scincerely thank you!



We have used urad for over 35 years having first tried it at a kiosk at the Bay in Wpg. MB. It has extended the life of all of the shoes it was used on. Almost worth it's weight in gold. Highly recommended. Kathy

Kathy McNabb

ON addition to the couch, those expensive boots look like new even after this rainy, muddy deer season! URAD is amazing. Best leather product I have ever used.

Earline Smith


Buying boots for my Grandson at HorseTown, I saw URAD in dark brown. I figured if it saved a saddle or boots, it would save my leather couch. After 12 years of Grandkids, my huge sectional now looks brand new! Thanks, URAD! AMAZING PRODUCT!



No question, just compliments. I rehabbed a very old black sheepskin B-3 bomber that I bought on ebay. The jacket was so old and beat up it had no finish at all and the sheepskin was completely sueded. One arm was slightly discolored and looked like it was more of a chocolate brown than black but the jacket fits well and is really warm. I used a whole bottle of black dye mixed with 5 oz. of Tenderly and about 1.5 oz of Urad. Now the color is much more even and black and the sheepskin has almost a nappa finish on it from the little bit of Urad I used. Not shiny but it feels like finished leather, not suede. Its a huge improvement and I'm really glad I tried your products. Also, I only used about 1/3 of the mixture so I'll have enough to refinish the jacket a couple of times if I need to. Maybe I'll try a bit on some black shoes I have. Thanks!

Matt R

Here is Dominique before/after picture Urad never cease to amaze me! I did the old faded vinyl front panel of my scooter and it looks new again!
SEE Dominique's Before-After Picture here



I am a professional Santa Claus and have been using the URAD product for the last 7 years.
I will say it's a great product to instantly put a reasonable shine on my leather boots and the neutral URAD helps keep my 4" leather belt looking good too. I like that if I am on site and in a hurry, I can just dab any scuff marks, you know the kind from kiddies getting off your knee and landing on your boots, with even a bit of damp cloth and look well enough to carry on.
I like that the shine lasts for a long time and is very easy to apply. I keep a small jar in my kit bag all the time. Yes a little goes a long way, even on Santa boots!

Santa Edson

Alberta, Canada

While I am a committed URAD exclusive user as well as a distributor, I just tried another different top-coat care product that was suggested to me. Since I believe the only way to learn and develop excellence in your trade is to stay open to new ideas and possibilities - I bought it. I just want to say for the record that I ALWAYS am amazed at how superior Urad is in every way! I will not be wasting my money on anything else again- nothing could be better than the Urad line of products! Dena Hamilton -owner- Leather Care Specialists & Great Leather

Dena L Hamilton


I went to the Ottawa Bike show yesterday and had my boots done by a salesmodel. Bought a jar and just now finished refreshing three of my motorcycle jackets. FANTASTIC results. Just last week, I had been given an estimate by a dry cleaner to do them for $53 each. Over $150! To do the three jackets I used just a smidgen from my 200 gm jar. You can bet I will be ordering more as I have a bunch of boots, vests, chaps gloves, bike seat and bib to do. I wish I had known about this product long ago. THANKS! Happy Biker.

Len Westerberg

Ontario, Canada

Received my Urad products that felt like a "gift"! As you already know the Urad products are unbelievable in bringing back life to leather furniture. My furniture is looking youthful again!
I also want to express sincere appreciation for your advice and service over the phone. Please feel free to post my commendation for an exceptional product. It's either Urad or nothing at all!
Thank you!

URAD.COM NOTE: Customer got Aquila, Urad and Tenderly.



The product is fantastic on our smooth leather furniture. After each visit from our Grandchildren, we use the product to remove scratches. Works great.



I have been very particular about keeping my shoes, boots and other leather articles looking their best since I was twelve years old. I have purchased dozens of different polishes and creams over the years. Many did a good job but were quite time consuming and messy to use. Now that I've discovered Urad, I can have all of my leather looking great in a fraction of the time without the mess. I also find that the finish lasts longer than the conventional waxes and polishes and seems to keep the leather softer and more supple. Now, to get rid of the box of cans and bottles that are no longer needed... I've been converted. DS

Don Sproule


I have been using Urad for several years,it does an amazing job at making leather look great. I love this product.


I purchased Urad neutral at the Home Show in Duluth. I sell a leather cleaner and I wanted to compare it. Everyone who sees my saddles can't believe how nice they look and how fast it is to use! I love it!!!



I have used Urad for 20 years. I first bought it at the NILE Livestock Show in Billings Mt. It was called Leathermate at that time but manufactured by Urad. DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT CALLED LEATHERMATE TODAY. It is not the same product as Urad. This is the best leather product on the market PERIOD! I have used it on Boots, Clothing, Saddles and tack. It cleans, restores, and protects better than anything and is so easy to apply Joe Biden could do it. Dont waste any more money on other leather conditioners. Urad is the ONLY product worth your money.



I first found Urad at an underground (literally underground) in Toronto, Canada in 1996 I think. I loved it so much I have bought it almost yearly since though not necessarily under the Urad name. It has several "Product" names around the Phoenix area, but it is the same inside the container. ( Editor Note: see disclaimer) I have not been able to get anything but neutral for a few years and I prefer black as all my shoes are black. I am a disabled Veteran and buffing my shoes with conventional wax polish is very hard and a bit painful, but Urad just wipes on and the shoes are ready to put on and go. I was told by the last distributor I talked to at the Fair to go to "" and I could order it, so I did. I am a happy camper again. Thanks Urad for a great product.



I first tried Urad for leather over 13 years ago when my father purchased it at a trade show & shined my cowboy boots for me. Since then, when ever I saw the product at a tradeshow I would by some for myself & for him. So glad to have found this website so that I can order it when I need it. Works fantastic on boots, shoes, purses.... My favourite black leather back pak purse was looking tired & worn, purchased some black urad & applied it, looks brand new. Love it!

Kimber Kennedy





I first bought Urad at a Home Show at my home in B.C., Canada about 12 years ago, it is a great product and lasts a long time. It has taken me a while to find another jar to replace the old one. I use it on shoes, purses, wallets, my leather furniture and in my car, so I bought 2 jars this time, 1 black and 1 neutral.

Mary Wallace


Saw the product at a trade show. So impressed I bought a can there and ordered two more. Highly recommended.

Jeff Luck


URAD is by far the best leather care product I have ever found. Quick and easy to use. Does not build up residue on surface of leather like other instant polishes. Great for maintaining law enforcement duty leather gear as well as civilian leather, especially western boots. I have been using URAD since the early 1990s and just placed another order. The five can special is a great deal, and the company will substitue colors on some of the order if requested. I strongly recommend the product and am a long time repeat customer.

Jeff McDermott


URAD made my saddles look new again. Love this product!

Susan Hervey


The products you offer for leather care are superior to anything else I have ever used!! I started using URAD on all my business shoes about 10 years ago when I lived in Manhattan. I then tried Tenderly leather cream with some URAD mixed in to preserve the moisture in the leather that Tenderly provides. I used it on a fine leather jacket and some leather dress gloves. I now live in South Florida and use it regularly to maintain and protect all my leather furniture & car seats from the drying affects of sunlight and air conditioning. It works extremely well!! My jacket and winter gloves now spend most of the time in the closet, but they look and feel as new as they did the first time I wore them! I highly recommend these products to anyone who invests in buying things made of leather. Keep up the good work, Dynamique



Your product came with my custom crocodile motorcycle seat. Alligator Bob in Lake Vila, IL made the seat and thought enough of your creme to send it along with the expensive seat. I live in Florida and the seat is subjected to all types of extreme weather conditions. It is now 4 years old and looks just like it did when it was made after using the product. I think it saved me a bunch of money. I also use this on my exotic hide cowboy boots. Works great as advertised. Thank you.

Jon Barrow


A friend of mine recommended that I try Urad on my motorcycle leathers. After applying just a small amount to my jacket and chaps I still cant believe what a difference it made. I dont think they looked this good new as they do after applying Urad! You have a customer for life!

Tim Chandler


Late last Fall, I bought a 2011 Buick Regal with very light tan leather seats (colour is called "Cashmere" by GM), and over the wet & snowy winter the seats became very visibly stained with the blue dye from my wife's and my new blue jeans !! My reaction ? Near panic !! Dark blue dye on light tan leather seats, yipes, oh no !! I very carefully tried a couple of brand name leather cleaning products available from car specialty shops, with no removal of the stain (and fortunately, no damage to the leather). Now what? I knew of URAD, but thought it was more for leather preservation, especially shoes, coats, etc., for which I have used it for several years with great satisfaction. Well, after scanning the internet, and reading some info & testimonials on URAD's Aquila leather cleaner, I figured it was worth a try, and the risk of leather damage would be very limited for such a well known brand.. After testing the cleaner in an inconspicuous area to ensure it would cause no damage, I gingerly sprayed some on the driver's seat .... and could not believe my eyes !!! The blue dye "melted" away before my eyes and blue-stained Aquila cleaner liquid was just sitting on the surface of the leather, waiting to be wiped away.. which I quickly did, with a HUGE smile on my face and while almost laughing foolishly with joy :-) Bottom line: I am ENTHRALLED with this cleaner, and see it is of the same quality as the leather treatment products that I have used for more than a decade !! I guarantee I will be a dedicated URAD customer for the rest of my life !! Ladies & Gentlemen of URAD, Bravo and thanks for creating such a high-quality product line !! Rick G (Montreal, Qc, Canada)

Rick Groot

Quebec, Canada

These are the most AMAZING products ever made. I have used URAD on leather that looked like it was at the end of its life and these products have literally given the leather nine new lives. You will see a difference right before your eyes. Thank you for making such a great set of products. I have restored saddles, handbags, shoes, you name it.

Ann Donovan


I have purchased Urad products from my local cobbler for the past three years. I love the shoe creme, it is so easy to apply and the shoes continue to look like new.



I purchased Urad at a Farm and ranch show last year and absolutely love it, there are about 8 pairs of boots in our house and it is used on every pair! Just this week My father in law passed away and we wanted his championship Roping saddle to put on his casket with flowers so we dug it out of the tack house and it was amazing how beautiful it looked once again. It made for a beautiful casket piece. I just ordered more and got some of the 50ml jars for gifts!! Thanks for making such a great product!!



I purchased an old, late 1800's early 1900's leather doctor's case at an auction. The piece was on its last leg. I had used your original neutral URAD before on my shoes so I thought I would give it a try on this case. It was amazing, not only did the color change but over time and an additional application the leather "came alive". Thank you for such quality products. I just ordered more product this evening to give as gifts.

Michael Johll


I have used urad products to dress up my repair work for a number of years. I have received only positive comments sence I started, such as {how did you get these shoes to look like this ,they look like new shoes.} or, these don't look like my shoes, mine were old looking. I received a pair into my shop today with a note saying, can you make these look new again like the others you worked on. I have tried other products that are simular but they don't work like Urad.

Jack's shoe repair


A friend raved about your boot cleaner/polish and was kind enough to let me try it. My riding boots never looked so good and without having to apply a lot of elbow grease. I am looking forward to getting my own supply. Thank you

Sylvia Boon


Your product is the most impressive product I have ever used. My sofa went from curb-ready to graduation party ready with one application. I am going to order everyone a jar for christmas gifts. It is amazing. My shoe repair store recommended it to me- I can't tell enough people about it!

Lisa Greywitt

I am on my third drum of URAD since discovering how good it was/is at the Burghleigh Horse Trials several years ago. It brings my old leather shoes back and they always look as good as new.


United Kingdom




URAD makes the most outstanding products I have ever used. It gets the job done quick and easy, and the shine outlast any other conditioner or polish I have ever used. Everybody who ask me what I shine my duty gear with and after I show them the URAD product, the next thing that is asked..."Can you order some for me?" Great product!

Carl Adams


I've been using Urad on my shoes for years. Just once every two months keeps them looking sharp. People have asked me if I shine my shoes every time I wear them! Just an indication of how great this product is. The Tenderly product keeps my leather jackets and gloves soft and looking new. Just ordered my 2nd batch of Urad and Tenderly - just illustrates a little goes a long way. Great product that I openly recommend to friends and family.

Darin Pittman


Not only did you keep me informed as to having received the order and when it was shipped (virtually immediately) URAD neutral completely recovered my rather cracked and tired looking leather couch. I recommend both the product and service you have provided-jp

j Paul Stevenson


I have 3 pair of patent leather riding boots, and after URAD, VERNICE and AQUILA are the best products out there! They keep my boots looking like new day after day, and no, I don't work for Dynamique9. I'm just a very pleased customer spreading the word. Thanks again, West

West Frazier


I stumbled on your product by chance, and now I am addicted to URAD black and neutral! I wear my riding boots a lot, and now I waste no time at all keeping them beautifully polished. The neutral is used on my leather full seat riding breeches. Thank you for a great product! West

West Frazier

The Black works amazing on tall boots for the show ring! You can use my comment.... it is really a great product!

Barbara Franko


I just had to write about this incredible product. We had an expensive twenty-five year old Scandinavian leather and teak wood chair that had defied our attempts to keep the leather alive. I visited a local shoe repairman (Modern Shoe Repair) about something else, and he was using Urad on some old baseball gloves and some scuffed shoes. I bought a small container and used most of it in two applications and our beautiful chair was brought back to us minus the faded color and fine cracks. Since then, I use it on that chair and an identical one about once a year. The one that gets hit by sun daily lasts about six months. It's just amazing and to think I was ready to replace that chair! Thanks for an incredible product.

Ken Seversen


WOW! I believe in giving credit where credit is due! We are first time leather furniture buyers. We purchased a leather sofa set that we were told most assuredly by the salesperson would not fade in the sun if we applied the "special protector" for $40 a small bottle. (boy were we naive or just plain stupid!!) Three months later to our horror the nice brown leather chair that sits in the front window, turned a sickly greenish brown all along the armrests and front of the chair. We paid a lot of money for this furniture and it annoys us every time we see it - which is all the time. After a year of sitting and glaring at this chair, enough is enough! I looked into dying it or having it done and this was going to be very costly. Out of curiosity I contacted our local shoe repair store - Vic's Shoe Repair to see if they had any advice and they suggested Urad! I went to the website, checked it out asked some questions via email and told them of our situation and got a very quick and encouraging response. I went to Vic's bought some Urad and voila!! My wife and I are amazed. The chair is no longer rotten meat green, but back to brown. Not a perfect match mind you, but good enough so that we don't cringe every time we look at it!! Thank you Urad!! Not only did I do both chairs and the sofa I found every piece of leather in the house, shoes, belts, boots and attacked it with Urad!! Now that everything is done here I will have to go the neighbors!!



Het beste product ever !! Al geen 6 jaren poets ik meer m'n schoenen , Mijn moeder haar schoenen zagen er niet uit. Na de behandeling met URAD ( 6 sec.werk !! echt 3 sec. per schoen ) zei ze tegen de buurvrouw : "Hoe vind je mijn schoenen?" Zei de buurvrouw" : "Ik hou niet van lakschoenen !" M'n tassen , de leren bank , m'n laarsen ....... Onvoorstelbaar mooi . Groet Lotte.


I used the Grasso product for my baseball gloves. It works great and it is very easy to use. I think I conditioned my new glove 3 or 4 times this past summer and it is already soft and broken in like it is several years old. I also use it on my sons' gloves so I am happy with it being easy to apply...very little time. My father-in-law turned me on to your products. I also used your cordovan product for shoes and that is great also. Thanks again for your advise...

Kevin Sonnenberg


A fellow polo player from Europe introduced me to this product. It gives my boot a traditional high shine with minimal effort. My boots are well conditioned , softer and best of all gives me an outstanding finished and polished look. This is an amazing product that I would highly recommend. It even makes older shoes look like brand NEW!!!!!

Robert Chin


Here is Paula's before/after picture The first time I was introduced to URAD, I was stopped at the Ft.Worth Stock Show and a salesman applied it to my boots and it sure made a difference! I bought one jar and tried it at home on my leather furniture and it really brought back the color and softened the furniture! But what really made me appreciate the URAD product is when I brought out 2 saddles out of the barn that looked to not have hope; the saddles had heavy mold, dust discoloration and with just a swipe of conditioner it was a remarkable difference! I had taken before and after pictures and couldn't believe my eyes because of the difference the leather conditioner had done in such a brief time! Looks like the 2 old saddles will be around for a few more years to come now!

URAD.COM NOTE: Here is Paula's before/after picture of the saddle. Left side done, right side not done...

Paula Scroggins


I have been afaithful user of your leather cream. My supplier was a guy who had a product booth at the North Dakota State Fair. Every year I would buy two 7 oz jars. I used ithe cream to polish my boots and shoes. Well, he didn't show up this year or the last. I haven't polished my shoes or boots since then. I trust your fine product and now looking for another dealer.

Mark Bell, D.O.

North Dakota, 58701

Last week I brought my jar of Urad to work. I proceeded to tell my fellow employees about this wonderful, miraculous product. I then wet the sponge and polished only the left shoe for each of them. After they were blown away at how great their shoe looked, I polished the other. To make a long story short I just placed an order for each of them. This is the best item I have ever purchased from a home show. Thank you.



I had to work on an old, completely faded black saddle which once belonged to prince Alexis Romanov (rhe Russian royal family, deposed in 1917). After a single application of URAD neutral, the colour came back fully and the leather was completely revitalized!

Dexter Welch


I bought a Bottega Venenta woven bag for $14.00 at a yard sale. It was was faded, squashed, and generally in poor health. The shoe repair suggested URAD and although I didn't think anything would help, I invested in a jar. The results were amazing! Within 10 minutes the color was restored, the bag resumed a normal shape, and I was sold. I have since gone into a leather cleaning frenzy and I am about to order your 5 jar special. My only question is ...will it work on my wrinkles?

Carole Demaio


I have been using this product for some time now. It has been the best I have used on my boots. My friends constantly comment on the how good my boots always look. Very easy product to use.



wow!! I purchased the Urad dark brown for my 13yr old leather sofa and chair. The sun had faded it so bad we were going to buy new furniture. But I just used the Urad and it looks wonderful. Restored the color and sheen instantly..We love this comfy couch and its in very good condition..We can now keep it! Thanks for your great product..

Nan Barrient


Since seeing this product demonstrated, we have been only using it for all our shoes. Just when we think they look like we should replace them, URAD brings them back to life. A customer for many years.




URAD.COM NOTE: customer got UR140108(Urad Green) and Tenderly

Timothy Lettich


I bought this to use on my leather furniture.It covered up scratches and made my furniture look new again! I will be buying this product again!

URAD.COM NOTE: Ruth got the Urad in Cordovan color

Ruth Hoeflin


I purchased a vintage Letter Carrier's (mailman's) bag on Ebay that was stiff and dirty and "seen better days". My shoemaker suggested I use URAD to restore it, and it worked wonders! The old, brittle leather turned supple overnight, and the vintage patina had a new luster! I'm ready to buy this stuff by the gallon!!!!



I first found out about the Urad while waiting to perform at a festival at one of the local horse race tracks. That was around 97-98, since then I've been hooked and haven't had to deal with the unpleasant nature of shoe polish. Excellent product, I`ve been buying it for close to 10 years, my shoes always look great!!!

Jeremy Allen


Fantastic product. Our dog decided to attempt to dig through the beautiful leather couch in an attempt to retrieve the ball that was underneath it. This product did a fantastic job of repairing the scratches that she caused.



These products are AMAZING!!! I put the clear on every pair of shoes I wear to the office every day and they look like new. I even get compliments constantly on how nice my shoes look. I have never found anything that even comes close to this product. Thanks URAD for keeping me the best dressed in my office!!

Michael Oknowsky

New York

We bought URAD after having our boots cleaned with it at the Tulsa State Fair 5 years ago. I have been a faithful repeat customer ever since! We use it for boots, shoes, purses, tack and out leather furniture! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! It is the best product I have ever used, and I have used them all! THANKS! URAD!!

Tami Tate


This customer came in after he found out that he forgot his wet leather coat in the trunk of his car. He had left it there for some time...He wanted to know if I had anything to fix the finish of his coat...Something that would really work... He was devastated by what happened to the one sleeve of his coat that was resting on the bottom of the floor in the trunk of his car. I suggested that I try using the Urad Brown on it. I wiped the coat clean with a spot remover, and then applied the Urad and left it over night...When I came back, it was ready to wear again. He was astounded by the appearence of his coat. I also applied one coat of Tenderly. He was so happy, he bought one of each the brown Urad and Tenderly.
side by side before and after.


MN 55104

Here is Linda's before/after picture I contacted Dynamique9 Inc. at and was so impressed with the help he gave me as to what product was right for my leather sofa. it was dry and cracked and stained. He even gave me specifics for certain stains! Now my sofa looks brand new. The old color and shine is back. I even enclosed pictures to of my old sofa and will send the new. It's amazing I have my next order all ready because I even tried it on my old leather backpacks and they too are like new. I didn't think I would be writing a commercial but with something this good you need to spread the word. Thank You Dominique!
Thank You for your Urad products!
Linda Longhi Feeding Hills, MA

URAD.COM NOTE: Linda got Aquila, Tenderly and Urad.
SEE Linda's original before picture and the after picture

Linda Longhi


I have a leather recliner that is about 8 years old. Even after using other leather cleaner/conditioners, the chair has looked it lost all its color and shine - my husband keeps telling me to junk the chair. We were at the Western Heritage Classic in Abilene, TX in May and bought a small jar to try on our saddles. I decided to try it first on my leather chair - WOW! what a surprise! My chair looks brand new! I can't wait to use it on our saddles. It does just as promised and so easy to apply. My only question - should the sponge be washed out after use? Great product.

URAD.COM NOTE: The answer is Yes, the spnge should be washed.

Ann Kulp


WOW..My husband and I first purchased this product at the rally in Conroe, TX . WOW..Our boots were both filthy from riding from Temple to Conroe and was a lil skeptical when the lady ask us to let her clean our boots . Decided it couldnt hurt anything , so up go the feet ..WOW ...I love this stuff ..We use it on everything leather . Im totally sold on this and spreading the word at the same time .. WOW ..WONDERFUL PRODUCT !!!!! Thanks .

Loretta Bartek


Very glad to now your product



I have been using Urad on my shoes and boots for about 7 years. One jar usually lasts me for a year. It is a great product, and I usually purchase a jar at the Abilene Farm and Wildlife Show in Abilene, Texas at the Expo Center in February. You did not show up at the show this year and I need my yearly supply. Please tell me how to get another jar of that good stuff. Thanks, Billy

Billy Jacob



Michelle Schiebel


I got black Urad creme in the 3.5 oz tub from my friendly neighborhood shoe repairman, with his reassurance that it doesn't rub or flake off, or come off with water. I've used it now to restore a number of vintage Coach purses gleaned from thrift stores and yard sales, and they look nearly as good as new. Beautiful! I recommend this stuff to anybody interested in restoring scuffed, finished leather goods, from purses to jackets.

Angela Beegle


Have been using URAD products for about 6 years. This stuff is great, just love it. I will continue to tell my friends about this wonderful product. Thanks

Gus Moncivais


This has got to be the best leather product I have ever used. Put a small amount on -shoes, jacket, etc. - and it looks like new - totally unbelievable!!!

Eric Giffin


Just bought some URAD at the Equine Expo in Massachusetts, cleaned my saddle and bridle and love it!!
I will be purchasing more and buying some Grasso to soften the leather occasionally. In reading the web site about Grasso, I am pleased to learn that it is safe to use on "brides". I am sure they will appreciate it...

Debra Pope

Excellent quality product! Website is well organized and easy to use.

Lauren R. House


I have two very expensive Natuzzi Leather couches, about 7 years old. They have looked very old and worn the past few years and almost ended up in the trash. My new girlfriend is a professional re-upholstery expert, and after she took them apart, restrapped and restuffed them, they were comfortable again, but still looked bad. I had purchased Urad neutal at the home show last winter for to use on my leather jackets. She tried it on the leather couches after cleaning them and now both couches look factory new again! Saved me $5,000 which they would have cost to replace. I can't say enough positive things about how well this product works!

Howard L. Medinger


We have found the Urad products in the natural and in the black to be great for baseball shoes and especially umpires shoes.

Ross Bailey


Although I don't usually fall for demos of products like this at trade shows, I was impressed and bought a small container of URAD about two years ago at a motorcycle show in Toronto. The small container has lasted well and I have had much use out of it, good value for money. I use it mostly on motorcycle leathers and boots, but also on leather upholstered furniture in our home. Results have always been great - couldn't ask for more! I have just ordered a new and larger supply of URAD as well as SAHARA which I will now try as well. Highly recommended!

Brian Mitchell


I bought this clear polish 12 years ago in Canada and could never find it until now. It by far is the best!

Jack Kaplan


Bought mine at a boat show about 4 years ago or so. We love it. It works wonders on scuffed leather shoes.

Ellen Pruett


I hate buying things at fairs. I am glad I did great stuff!

Victor Despiganovi

We sell thousands of pairs of Department store returned shoes. Also, sporting goods, luggage and purses. Occasionally, they have a scuff or a mark. URAD products clean them up beautifully. I now have 3 kits of URAD with all the colors, Grasso and Aquila. One with my shipping manager to touch up, one with me if they just need a light touch, and one with my refinisher. Thanks, URAD!

Sporting Goods USA

I first bought a jar of URAD at the Denver, CO outdoor show many years ago. The product has kept my shoes looking good and it makes them last longer as they do not dry out and crack.

John Larson


I picked up a jar of Urad at a Home & Garden Show 2 years ago. I am hooked on this product. I have a leather recliner that is 2 years old and still looks brand new thanks to this wonderful product. I will never be without it!



Wow, eight pairs of shoes in 9.23 minutes! Besides looking professionally done, it was a new Guinness World Record! SPG

Steven Grossnickle


I purchased the leather cream at the ia state fair grounds recently at some lawn garden show. This stuff has been fantastic. I have always dreaded to polish my shoes and leather products. This cream makes it fun and easy and quick and you can see the great results immediately

Robert Steben


I just purchased some URAD at the KC Home and Garden show. I even brought out one of my cousions the next day to the show to see if this stuff was going to work. At first we didn't think that it was but after it sat for a few minutes and the color started to come back. I was sold! I am so impressed with this product! I had a couch and chair w/ ottoman and URAD has totally brought it back to life. It looks like I have brand new funiture. They were so faded from the sun and I had been trying every product on the market that was promising to restore our funiture to the orginal color. Well URAD did it! You have found a loyal customer for life!

Tracy Hein


Happy New Year!! I just want you to know that this is the very best leather product that I have ever used!! Thank you and warmest Regards,

Laurie Phillips


Before I tried Urad I was using Doc Bailey's. This paste is safer than liquid so now I only use Urad. Why take a chance on spillage. Dan

Dan Grogan


I found URAD about 5 years ago at a bike rally, and I have not found any other product that comes even close. It spoke for itself. I am so thankful that it's still available to purchase. I wouldn't use anything else. It's worth it's weight in gold.

Diane Harden


I first picked up Urad at a motorcycle show in my area. I was wowed when I used it on a black leather sheepskin jacket that had turned grey with wear. It was amazing to see it turn black again. I then discovered that it was great for repairing the warn edges on a ladies' dress coat and on another men's jacket. Since then, I look for and pick up Urad at every motorcycle show I attend. It not only revives the leather, but makes it less prone to scuffing. Great product!

Richard Morra

ON. Canada

I tried some of the neutral Urad a few years ago. I've never found another product that works better on shoes! It literally brings the shoes back to life and makes them look brand new again!

Chantell McNeese


This is a picture I took before and after using the Black Urad product on a badly faded purse.
The man who brought the purse in for his wife, said that she was stunned at the results. He didn't tell her that he brought it in, and he surprised her with the refurbished purse on her birthday!
SEE GENE's Picture here



The finest product I have used for work boots that I have found in my life. I work in a moist damp enviroment,and have found your product keeps my feet dry and my boots conditioned. My boots have lasted twice as long as they did using other products.

Don Pickerl


We purchased a small jar of URAD at the Ottawa EX two years ago and it has worked wonders on all of our leather shoes and winter boots. A small jar goes a long way because you use such a small quantity. I just ordered the biggest jar - should last me 10 years!!! Excellent product, great value for money.

Paul J. Choquette


Unbelievable products My wife works in a hospital and gets comments daily as to how nice her shoes look. White URAD used with Tenderly keeps them looking new. It also keeps them soft. I also have used the netural URAD with the Tenderly on Leather furniture and it makes it so soft and rich looking. Jack

Jack Bass


Bought URAD first at the local trade show some 10 years ago, been using it since on just about all leather products at home, great stuff, buying one jar every year



I bought a jar of URAD after it was recommended to me by a friend. At first I was skeptical, but after I tried it, my whole life changed. URAD really works miracles on my fine Italian leather boots.

Tim M


We bought at Home show 2/3 years ago. love this stuff! We even have the teenage kids using it because it is so quick and easy! We will never run out. Cheryl

Cheryl Icke


I use URAD on my motorcycle seat and saddle bags, as well as my LA-Z-BOY chair. I live in Denver where the sun is always shining and the air is very dry, but URAD keeps my leather soft, supple, and in great condition. I highly recommend URAD!

Chris Bird


I went to a bike show back in 2003 in Port Dover. There were people there using Urad at booths. A friend of mine tried it out on her boots and it did a very good job. I brough it into work recently because a girl here couldn't get rid of salt stains on her shoes. She used a little bit of the Urad and they are now like brand new. She triec magic marker and other shoe polishes to get rid of the salt stains but the only thing that really worked well, which she was very impressed by, is the Urad. My friend is now interested in getting some for herself. You don't have to use a lot and it works great. It really does.!!! WOW.........



I went to Toronto about 10 years ago and bought a jar of URAD neutral that was being shown at a department store. It was fantastic and after I used it up I looked all over in Atlanta and to no avail. I kept trying and even check the listing and internet and thought maybe the company was out of business as it was made in Italy. I then asked friends of mine in Rome and they couldn't help either. I kept the jar, the remainder dried up after 10 plus years, went on the internet today and found the website for URAD and ordered some. It's the BEST !! Thanks Jack

Jack Kaplan


After a free shine with URAD at the South Padre Island "Roar by the Shore" MC Rallyin October, I bought a jar, and proceeded to share it with seven of my riding companions. We knew we would be riding in heavy rain much of the 200 miles back up the Texas Coast, and three would be riding another 130+ in stormy weather.My BMW R1200 saddle also got a coat, as did ALL the leather and vinyl of a Honda GL 1500 Three Wheeler. Everyone arrived with dry feet, and my bike seats looked perfecct! In fact, everbody's boots looked perfect! All were impressed with the product, and decided to make a purchase. I've since redone my saddle and passenger seat, two pairs of my moto boots, my wife's boots, my neighbor's boots, my riding gloves, and I still have half of the seven oz. jar! This is real value. I recently went online to investigate this product at the source. I was impressed to find such an array of products for various materials and applications, as well as a Customer Support page that was so informative. The Sales Representative with whom I spoke at length about the various products was very knowledgeable, helpful, and has personally used most of the line himself, it would seem! I ended up ordering almost the entire product line, and now I'm prepared for the superior care of all my leather, and some of my fine wood as well, for a long time to come.



At Royal Show summer 2003 in Staffordhire England when stopped by Urad representative. He used the Urad Neutral to clean and shine my shoes which were very dirty due to a muddy showground over 3 days. This stuff revived my shoes and they were clean, shining and waterproof in seconds!! Yes I also purchased on the spot and have just ordered some more. Excellent product and very quick for families with kids for shining their shoes before they leave for school!!

Steve Turnell


I discovered URAD at a Home Show Exhibition about two years ago. The exhibitor shined my shoes and I was instantly convinced this stuff was remarkable. I bought a big jar on the spot even though I was unsure how long the shine would last. To my surprise, it lasted a long time! Two years later, I'm buying another jar. My husband INSISTED I get some more because it always keeps his dress shoes looking great for work. Thanks for a product that DOES what it claims it will do! A very happy customer... Gina


Missouri, USA

AS a shoe repair man, I am very happy with a product that makes me look good. I can use it on a black Coach purse that a customer is wearing, and don't have to worry about it rubbing off, and I can use it on boots, shoes, coats, what-ever, and it makes the customer happy immediately. I use Urad neutral when I do professional dye work, because it takes away the sticky feeling that dye work has. I always use the Tenderly as an extra as a top coat to complete the job. I use all colors, and I can mix them to make custom shades. I also use the neutral on alot of the leather full sole jobs that we do. It makes the leather soles have the new factory look.



Originally I was sold Urad while in Saskatoon on a business the Bay Dept. store, by a Urad Representative giving free shoe treatments...I purchased my first Urad Leather Cream...and I have never regretted is the easiest and best shoe treatment (any leather for that matter) that I have ever experienced. It lasts forever, it's well worth the price...! Thank you for your wonderful product!!!!


BC, Canada

I first purchased URAD at a home show in Phoenix, AZ (USA) about 3 years ago. Just finished it. Love it. Cleaned up the interior of my husbands car here in New Zealand complete with leather seats. They looked brand new when I was done. Even he was impressed. He had the car 11 years and had not cleaned the seats other than a wipe now and then when something spilled. I use it on my purses and shoes. It is fast, easy and the results are really amazing. I want my order to quickly get to me cause I am out. One container, 3 years. You do indeed, use very little! Thanks from a lifetime user, Debbie

Debbie Kennedy

New Zealand

My husband and I have tried other products similar to yours, but URAD products excels in quality and endurance every time.

Virginia Scott


My old dressage boots I boot 20 years ago I thought I was going to have to trash But, Then I tried URAD, and they look like new now ,now I'm hooked!!! Thanx Best wishes



I have used URAD in black and I can't believe how easy it is to use and how great it looks with little effort. Thank you.

Barb Emrich


Aquila is a fast and effective leather cleaner. I use URAD to polish and seal tack items after repair. Nice products!

Bill Wood


I think this is one of greatest things ever invented. Our shoes always look like new. Shoes are one of the first things I look at when I see a well dressed person.

Earline Cudd


I got EXCITED when I found Urad products!!! They are so remarkably better than the other products out there for cowhide and suede, AND, I have never found anything that will work for lamb in the applications Urad has made available! I've been able to tap a whole new market in my business because of a service I could not provide before. That of redying and conditioning lamb coats. I'd had frequent requests in the past, but I could never capitalize on that avenue. In 31 years of leather working, making hard leather belts, sheepskin coats & vests, high end leather coats with detachable fox collars, specialty items of exotics,and leather garment repairs and alterations. I've never found anthing close to the Urad products!!!

Dena Hamilton


I bought the Neutral URAD product at a trade show in Cincinnati over a year and a half ago. I use it regularly on dress shoes and leather coats. The best thing about the product are the compliments that i reveive on my shoes from women... shoes I bought over a year ago!!! They compliment me on their shine and ask if I just bought them.

Ryan Doherty


Great on my horse harnesses and we all love URAD at the fire station for our boots. Urad is the best leather treatment ever. Thanks

Randall Gross


This last week my wife and I attended the Omaha Home Show. We had walked around for almost three hours when we happened upon the Urad display. I had on my comfortable Rockport walking shoes that were looking a bit run down. After no more than 3 minutes, the Urad representative had my old Rockports looking great. He then turned to my wife's shoes and she was as impressed as I was. Needless to say we made a purchase. Once we got home we tried it out on our navy blue leather recliner that is almost 20 years old. It covered many of the scratches and wear marks in no time at all. I am a firm believer. I can't wait to send some to my son at the United States Naval Academy. I know it will help out his boots and shoes. Thanks for a wonderful product. I will purchase again! Best regards, John S. Dietle

John S. Dietle


I purchased Urad with the intention to use it on my horse equipment because I was so impressed by the way it made my boots look. I didn't get a chance to because my husband was so surprised by how great it worked he used it on his motorcycle seat and bags, our dress shoes, his work boots, belts, and anything else that he could find that was made of leather. We are sold!!!

Liz Lunzer


You may be interested to know that Urad is very much favoured by the side-saddle fraternity in Great Britain. Our saddles are, in the main, very old and as you can imagine it is very difficult to keep the leather supple and in good condition. I have restored 4 very sorry looking saddles to near show condition using Urad Shoe and Leather Cleaner. For regular maintenance it is so much easier and less messy than leather oil. Incidentally, my side-saddles date one from the 1890s, two from the 1920s and one was made in 1909!

Henriett Chew

United Kingdom

I bought the 7oz URAD cream from you at a horse show last year. Sure enough it seems to work perfectly on all types of leather. Frankly I don't understand how it seems to match all colors and hold up well on my boots. Anyway I need more...!

Ed Roberts


A few years ago I went to the Home & Flower show here in Cleveland, Ohio. I was continually getting frustrated at getting the salt stains from winter off my shoes. I tried soaking them with warm wet rags and then polishing them but the stains kept reappearing. The leather sprays from the shoe store seemed useless. The pair I was wearing were stained at the time, I was thinking about getting a new pair because I could not get the salt stains to stop coming back. The man at the URAD booth looked at me as I was walking by and asked if he could shine my shoes. I said ok because my shoes looked like crap anyway. I was blown away at how they instantly looked like brand new shoes. I bought a jar on the spot. I have been using this same jar ever since and have not had one problem with salt stains since that day. I will not wear a new pair of shoes out the door before applying URAD. This stuff is awesome!!! By the way, I still wear those same boots from that day at the Home & Flower show, they still look like new!

Linda W


I bought a jar of Urad cream at the National Finals Rodeo after the gentalman used it on my boots. My husband refurbishes old saddles & ran off with the can as soon as we got home from Las Vegas. Those old, abused saddles come out so beautiful that even our saddlemaker friend was impressed! I've just reordered an extra jar for him & am trying the Aquila as my new saddle has a suede seat & fenders!

Michele Fernandez


I have never had a product clean my saddle like Aquila!! The silver laced rawhide trim is white again. They now look next to new. I wouldn't have bought a jar of URAD thinking it was way too expensive and wouldn't go far enough but it only takes a tiny bit and is well worth every penny. I have been telling all of my barrel racing friends.

Brenda Murrell


I feel obligated to tell you how pleased with URAD. It certainly is a pleasure to buy a product that exceeds expectations.

Ben B. Babin


Dear URAD: A year ago I bought your leather conditioner after seeing it demonstrated at a Home and Garden Show in Denver. Since we have moved 10 times in 15 years movers have tried to protect our furniture, and it has not always been sucessful. Adding to that we formerely had 3 young cats, who we discovered were running over our leather couches when we were at work. Your products restored to almost new the scratches. Now I use them twice a year to keep the leather supple in a very dry climate. Thank you for delivering on your advertising claims at a time when many products simply do not. Linda Boccia, Denver, Colorado

Linda Boccia


I purchased URAD leather creme at a Toronto Boatshow two years ago, I'm still using the same container of creme and it is working wonderfully. I just brought it into work with and did several pairs of shoes for other employees, they can't believe how it brings their old scuffed up shoes back to life! I recommend it to anyone. Darrin Thorne

Darrin Thorne

NF, Canada

I have enjoyed your product so much I would like to sell it!

Michael J. Leigh


Leather Mate by Urad is a product I simply will not ever be without. Last weekend we cleaned our saddles, bridles and riding boots with it. I used an old toothbrush in the cracks and crevices on the saddle. They looked so great on the horses. Amazing product! And it was so fast and easy. (Webmaster Note : Leather Mate is another "brand" name for URAD leather cream.)

Judith New


I love your product!!! My saddles and other tack never looked better since the day they were new. I have gotten many of my riding friends to use your product too- They love it! My mom loves the product for her shoes and purses. I got fabulous results and knew I was doing something wonderful for my large tufted leather ottoman in the den and a leather covered dresser in the bedroom. These are two fine pieces of furniture and I trusted their care to your product without question.



I found out about this product throught the chromeheads web site.It was the discovery of the year.I placed my order and received a phone call from the owner (Dominique)He advised me on a different product that would be more suited to my needs.I wanted to try the product so I accepted his recomendation. I own a 1998 R1200 C Ivory with blue trim(leather)seat and hard bags(BMW stox)the seat was so bad,the only options was replace or re-upholster.So far I've use the Aquila cleaner/shampoo once along with a thine coat of URAD cream polish and "voila"its almost like new.The same proceedure was used on the bags and the same results appeared.Thanks Dominique for your help and suggestion it realy worked.I recomend this product to anyone who is concidering replacing or reupholstering ,Try it you'll like it Thanks ROLAND

Roland Duval


I am an charge of locker room services at a large private golf and country club in the Greenville SC. area. We recently hosted a Pro /Am. Golf tournament and I was incharge of locker room services and shoe care. I had two helpers. There is no way that we could have kept up with the volume of shoe shines we had if it had not been for URAD products.They are simple and fast to apply. Not only were we able to keep up with the volume, about 100 pair a day/ we also got many compliments from the Pro Golfers like " Great Job","Best shoe shines on our tour" "These really look great" and" Most places we go they really pack on the polish and they look really bad but these look like they are new shoes again" Needless to say we ended up the week with some really nice tips because we used URAD products.

Lee H. Obbink

South Carolina

I think I've found the best: URAD. I have used Lexol for years. For the first year I also used lexol on my Cruiser's leather. However, now I use URAD. I'm even using URAD on my riding boots and BMW Cruiser leather jacket and pants. The stuff is awesome. Applied as directed it cleans, moisturizes, and imparts a shine that is better than new. It has even restored the areas of the seat that were starting to look worn. I'd put my seat and saddle bags, with 18,000 miles of wear, up against any new seat and bags on a showroom floor.
Yep, I'm sold! URAD is not cheap, but I believe it is the best stuff out there. Posted on BMW R1200 family of motorcycles product review forum at:

Steve Whittenton


I recently restored an older and much loved Dooney & Bourke purse; it looks new! I also used URAD on a black Coach purse that had a few scuff marks on it. Just like the Dooney, it looks brand new. I couldn't be happier with the product. I love your product! I'm telling all my friends how wonderful it is.

Cindy Finney


URAD, Sensational! I honestly couldn't believe it. My shoes were brand new in about 3 minutes. I want to start selling the product its that amazing.



We love URAD. We had a saddle that was 45 years old and looked like hell and within a half hour it looked almost new. My husband has been one of your best testamonial person, he tell everyone about his boots and how nice they shine. Thank you!

Adela Ray


For my birthday three years ago I requested a Coach purse in dark brown. I loved it so much I asked for a black one this Christmas. The brown one started to look worn even though I used the Coach leather cleaner on it. Next to the new purse it looked old and I so wanted it to look new again. I went to my shoe repair in town and he sold me your Urad Creme. I used it immediatley and could not believe my eyes. The old worn purse absolutely looks brand new. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to restore their leather purses, shoes, etc. It is truly an outstanding product. Dawn

Dawn Taylor


For any of you baseball players out there, URAD is the absolute best treatment for your baseball glove. Whether your glove is new or old, URAD will keep it soft and looking like new. I use it on all my gloves and have loaned my URAD to other players on the team. One 7oz jar lasts for an entire season. The players all love it, because it's easy to use and carry in an equipment bag. No serious player should be without it.



This product is truly amazing. I cant beleve it is not more well known. It can make an old saddle look brand new.

Tim Murphy

(Taken from Minot Daily News) Exerts of Interview:...In addition to the custom boots, Service Shoe Shop also does shoe shines and repairs, refinishing leather jackets, luggage... The shop even happended upon a unique leather care product to help protect that custom design. The revitalizing product is called URAD. I haven't seen a product like this in my 49 years in business, and I've shined a lot of shoes in those years. The product is good for reviving old leather and all colors. In addition to shoes and boots, URAD is used on saddles, sports equipment, car interiors, luggage, and unvarnished wood. URAD is an all nutural product made with carnauba tree wax. No buffing is required and it is water repellent. (to contact Larry, go to dealers listing and search for Retailers in Minot,ND,USA)

Larry Spiros


Hi my name is Cindy and I attended a Horse Expo in Novi, Michigan. I just wanted to let you know how much I really like the leather cream product that I purchased there. I was so embarrased by the dull shoes I wore that day but chose to wear them anyway because I knew I would be doing a lot of walking and they are my most comfortable shoes. These are $75.00 shoes. I first walked by your sales lady and was very much not interested but with her nice encouraging way had brought me back to her booth and she offered to polish my shoes. I said sure because I was so embarrassed about my shoes. They turned out beautiful and she also improved my purse. I was really impressed with the product from that time on. I would not hesitate to recommend your leather cream product to anyone! I only wish it cost less so I can give it as gifts to the people I work with. Or if you have smaller samples that cost less for people to be able to try the leather cream product. Thank you for the opportunity for me to share my success story! Cindy

Cindy Burd


I have used your products on my cowboy boots and other leather goods for the past year. Your products are truly outstanding.

James D Parenti


I use the neutral Urad on my show tack for an amasing shine, and frankly it is the best tack product I have ever used.

Gemma Brookes


I was in Montreal Canada last winter and had been walking the shopping district of St-Catherine St. This was after a large snow storm. There at the Bay Shopping store was a "Urad" sales rep using the Urad leather protector to remove salt stains and waterproofing shoppers boots and shoes. I allowed this sales rep to do my boots and I was amazed at the look of the boots afterwards. They seemed new again and after walking in the slush and saltagain, they stayed good looking and dry. I bought a jar and know use it on my motorcycle boots. Anytime I get caught in the rain my boots never leek. Even after being out in a heavy rain storm for eight hours, the boots stayed dry during the motorcycle tour. I think this is a great product and would recommend it to any persons that spend many hours outside in the elements with rain and snow. Thanks Urad TerryM

Terrance Murphy

Nova Scotia Canada

Well, not so much a business success story as being impressed with the product and the way it was promoted and sold. (Lubbock National Cowboy Symposium) As a matter of fact the reason I came to your website is a hope that some of your people would be in Lubbock again this year, and, I see by your posted schedule that you will be represented there. I need another jar. Since last September, I have told many, many people about this little jar of Urad and the fact that it is one of the few products I've ever used that lived up to and exceeded it's promise. Yours, Pat Henry, abr

Pat Henry


I bought this a while ago and just used it on all my horse leather. Both my bridle and saddle look new. I LOVE IT! You may absolutely use my statement. I took all my tack out to the barn and everyone marveled at it. Now they all want to try it. They couldn't believe how great it all looked. I promised them that when I got my new jar I would allow them to try a little but then they will just have to buy their own jar because I want it all for my selfish little self.