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All our products have been subjected to exhaustive testing. However, since every leather is unique, both in terms of the raw materials, products employed and tanning methods used in its preparation, we recommend that a test be made on a less visible part of the article prior to the application of any leather care product.
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Here is Sam's before/after picture of the front of his jacketI wanted to pass along my gratitude and satisfaction with these products for a recent motorcycle jacket restoration and for your guidance to change the dye type from matte to normal. The outcome is nothing short of miraculous. I've attached photos of the before and after. I cleaned the whole jacket with the leather cleaner and let it dry first. I treated some areas with direct dye application (the removed patches glue, on the back, left no color behind). Then, I went over the whole jacket twice with the recommended combination of products and am going to waterproof it this evening.
Thank you again and you've gained a customer for life for any future leather restoration and cleaning needs. NOTE: Sam got Aquila, Color Restoration kit and Costa-Brava dye.
Sam's Before-After pictures of the jacket's Front and Back

Sam Graves


Here is Bonnies's before/after pictureAfter a long search for the right restoration products, I found URAD, along with outstanding customer service from Madeleine in the sales office and Dominique in operations. And when I needed special help to correct sun fading, Dominique shared his expertise in the exact mixing and application of two pigment colors -- as well as the URAD cream and Tenderly. The restoration work was easy and my 15-year old couch has now regained all its original rich color and luster. Thank you for great products and great service! It doesn't get any better than this! Bonnie Weaver, Wallingford, PA (US)

URAD.COM NOTE: SEE Bonnie's original before and after pictures

Bonnie Weaver


Your restore kit did a fantastic job on a 1940 German leather trench-coat. It looks like new. Now I have a 1940's baseball mitt to restore...and more. Thanks



Je voulais récupérer une veste en cuir d'agneau qui était très décolorée (manches, dos et épaules)et bien que sceptique j'ai néanmoins acheté le kit de base de restauration et la teinture noire. Reçu très rapidement, je me suis lancé dés réception dans la rénovation de ma veste. Et là je suis tombé par terre. Ma veste est comme neuve !! CE KIT EST ABSOLUMENT GENIAL et d'APPLICATION SUPER SIMPLE et VAUT LARGEMENT SON PRIX. BRAVO A URAD

Frederic JD


No question, just compliments. I rehabbed a very old black sheepskin B-3 bomber that I bought on ebay. The jacket was so old and beat up it had no finish at all and the sheepskin was completely sueded. One arm was slightly discolored and looked like it was more of a chocolate brown than black but the jacket fits well and is really warm. I used a whole bottle of black dye mixed with 5 oz. of Tenderly and about 1.5 oz of Urad. Now the color is much more even and black and the sheepskin has almost a nappa finish on it from the little bit of Urad I used. Not shiny but it feels like finished leather, not suede. Its a huge improvement and I'm really glad I tried your products. Also, I only used about 1/3 of the mixture so I'll have enough to refinish the jacket a couple of times if I need to. Maybe I'll try a bit on some black shoes I have. Thanks!

Matt R

While I am a committed URAD exclusive user as well as a distributor, I just tried another different top-coat care product that was suggested to me. Since I believe the only way to learn and develop excellence in your trade is to stay open to new ideas and possibilities - I bought it. I just want to say for the record that I ALWAYS am amazed at how superior Urad is in every way! I will not be wasting my money on anything else again- nothing could be better than the Urad line of products! Dena Hamilton -owner- Leather Care Specialists & Great Leather

Dena L Hamilton


I found up a very old motorcycle jacket in a yard sale. It was funky and the finish was terribly worn but no tears. I was reluctant to try it on for fit because it had been wet and laying around. It hung on a hanger in my shop for 18 months until I finally decided to toss it or fix it. I went to the shoe shop and the owner shook his head and said there was nothing he could do. I went on line and found Dynamique 9 Inc. I was still apprehensive even after talking to them, but decided what did I have to loose. I read the instructions over a few times and got started. I mixed the parts together as told. Right away I found the color and finish come back. I ended up using the whole 100ml of dye. This product was fool proof. I should have taken a before and after picture. I was knocked out. The color and finish are like new. Thanks for your patience and help.

Mike Bertell


Exactly what we were looking for--my wife's favorite shoes look brand new again!

Donny R. Jones


Suivez vraiment les instructions! Faites les mélanges tels que suggérés... n'utilisez pas d'autres produits que ceux vendus par URAD....pour reteindre un fauteuil en cuir décoloré, terne, etc. J'ai bien commencé.... mais il me manquait un peu de teinture (Costa Brava) pour obtenir la couleur plus foncée que je voulais obtenir. Alors, je suis allée chez mon cordonnier et j'ai acheté de la teinture en aérosol. MALHEUR!!! Le mélange des deux... a fait que tout a commencé à peler!!! Il a fallu que je gratte tout, à la main, délicatement... (bien utiles les ongles!). Dominique, chez URAD, à Montréal a pris le temps de me téléphoner pour bien m'expliquer ce qui s'est passé... notamment que la teinture du cordonnier, c'était un peu comme une couche de peinture que je venais de mettre sur mon fauteuil. J'ai donc tout recommencé (et tout acheté à nouveau). Mon fauteuil; mes deux fauteuils sont maintenant MAGNIFIQUES... malgré leur 18 ans! Comme neufs, mais avec une patine qui leur donne une allure de «fauteuils de riches»!!! Du rose infâme qu'ils étaient devenus par la décoloration, ils sont d'un beau brun riche, brillant... Je suis vraiment fière du produit fini. Et si j'avais bien suivi les instructions, cela se serait fait très rapidement, sans fatigue inutile. Merci, donc URAD.... Dommage que je ne puisse vous montrer les photos avant-après», surtout celles en cours de travail où l'on voit l'horreur... des deux couleurs et du «peeling». Je peux vous les envoyer par courriel si vous le désirez. Marie-Paule Dessaint

Marie-Paule Dessaint