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All our products have been subjected to exhaustive testing. However, since every leather is unique, both in terms of the raw materials, products employed and tanning methods used in its preparation, we recommend that a test be made on a less visible part of the article prior to the application of any leather care product.

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Aquila is a fast and effective leather cleaner. I use URAD to polish and seal tack items after repair. Nice products!

Bill Wood


I think this is one of greatest things ever invented. Our shoes always look like new. Shoes are one of the first things I look at when I see a well dressed person.

Earline Cudd


I got EXCITED when I found Urad products!!! They are so remarkably better than the other products out there for cowhide and suede, AND, I have never found anything that will work for lamb in the applications Urad has made available! I've been able to tap a whole new market in my business because of a service I could not provide before. That of redying and conditioning lamb coats. I'd had frequent requests in the past, but I could never capitalize on that avenue. In 31 years of leather working, making hard leather belts, sheepskin coats & vests, high end leather coats with detachable fox collars, specialty items of exotics,and leather garment repairs and alterations. I've never found anthing close to the Urad products!!!

Dena Hamilton


I bought the Neutral URAD product at a trade show in Cincinnati over a year and a half ago. I use it regularly on dress shoes and leather coats. The best thing about the product are the compliments that i reveive on my shoes from women... shoes I bought over a year ago!!! They compliment me on their shine and ask if I just bought them.

Ryan Doherty


Great on my horse harnesses and we all love URAD at the fire station for our boots. Urad is the best leather treatment ever. Thanks

Randall Gross


AQUILA? WOW! I'm hooked! I ordered it to use on my saddle, tried it on a older pair of deerskin boots. After several applications & a bit of rubbing, Aquila actually took old, dried paint off the boot! GRASSO? WOW too! I have used srtaight lanolin on leather before but it leaves it a little sticky, even after it dries. This Grasso is wonderful! I used the Grasso on a pair of elk hide boots that I had worn in the rain, they had been saturated! I thought my favorite boots were ready for the trash, then I tried the Grasso on them! They are soft & beautiful again with no sticky residue! It darkens the color a shade after it soaks in, which I liked so well that I used the Grasso on my new leather purse. Thank you for your outstanding products, which I will continue to use on all of my leather goods! Michele Fernandez M bar M Rancho Fiesta

Michele Fernandez


This last week my wife and I attended the Omaha Home Show. We had walked around for almost three hours when we happened upon the Urad display. I had on my comfortable Rockport walking shoes that were looking a bit run down. After no more than 3 minutes, the Urad representative had my old Rockports looking great. He then turned to my wife's shoes and she was as impressed as I was. Needless to say we made a purchase. Once we got home we tried it out on our navy blue leather recliner that is almost 20 years old. It covered many of the scratches and wear marks in no time at all. I am a firm believer. I can't wait to send some to my son at the United States Naval Academy. I know it will help out his boots and shoes. Thanks for a wonderful product. I will purchase again! Best regards, John S. Dietle

John S. Dietle


I purchased Urad with the intention to use it on my horse equipment because I was so impressed by the way it made my boots look. I didn't get a chance to because my husband was so surprised by how great it worked he used it on his motorcycle seat and bags, our dress shoes, his work boots, belts, and anything else that he could find that was made of leather. We are sold!!!

Liz Lunzer


You may be interested to know that Urad is very much favoured by the side-saddle fraternity in Great Britain. Our saddles are, in the main, very old and as you can imagine it is very difficult to keep the leather supple and in good condition. I have restored 4 very sorry looking saddles to near show condition using Urad Shoe and Leather Cleaner. For regular maintenance it is so much easier and less messy than leather oil. Incidentally, my side-saddles date one from the 1890s, two from the 1920s and one was made in 1909!

Henriett Chew

United Kingdom

I bought the 7oz URAD cream from you at a horse show last year. Sure enough it seems to work perfectly on all types of leather. Frankly I don't understand how it seems to match all colors and hold up well on my boots. Anyway I need more...!

Ed Roberts


A few years ago I went to the Home & Flower show here in Cleveland, Ohio. I was continually getting frustrated at getting the salt stains from winter off my shoes. I tried soaking them with warm wet rags and then polishing them but the stains kept reappearing. The leather sprays from the shoe store seemed useless. The pair I was wearing were stained at the time, I was thinking about getting a new pair because I could not get the salt stains to stop coming back. The man at the URAD booth looked at me as I was walking by and asked if he could shine my shoes. I said ok because my shoes looked like crap anyway. I was blown away at how they instantly looked like brand new shoes. I bought a jar on the spot. I have been using this same jar ever since and have not had one problem with salt stains since that day. I will not wear a new pair of shoes out the door before applying URAD. This stuff is awesome!!! By the way, I still wear those same boots from that day at the Home & Flower show, they still look like new!

Linda W


I bought a jar of Urad cream at the National Finals Rodeo after the gentalman used it on my boots. My husband refurbishes old saddles & ran off with the can as soon as we got home from Las Vegas. Those old, abused saddles come out so beautiful that even our saddlemaker friend was impressed! I've just reordered an extra jar for him & am trying the Aquila as my new saddle has a suede seat & fenders!

Michele Fernandez


I have never had a product clean my saddle like Aquila!! The silver laced rawhide trim is white again. They now look next to new. I wouldn't have bought a jar of URAD thinking it was way too expensive and wouldn't go far enough but it only takes a tiny bit and is well worth every penny. I have been telling all of my barrel racing friends.

Brenda Murrell


I feel obligated to tell you how pleased with URAD. It certainly is a pleasure to buy a product that exceeds expectations.

Ben B. Babin


Dear URAD: A year ago I bought your leather conditioner after seeing it demonstrated at a Home and Garden Show in Denver. Since we have moved 10 times in 15 years movers have tried to protect our furniture, and it has not always been sucessful. Adding to that we formerely had 3 young cats, who we discovered were running over our leather couches when we were at work. Your products restored to almost new the scratches. Now I use them twice a year to keep the leather supple in a very dry climate. Thank you for delivering on your advertising claims at a time when many products simply do not. Linda Boccia, Denver, Colorado

Linda Boccia


I purchased URAD leather creme at a Toronto Boatshow two years ago, I'm still using the same container of creme and it is working wonderfully. I just brought it into work with and did several pairs of shoes for other employees, they can't believe how it brings their old scuffed up shoes back to life! I recommend it to anyone. Darrin Thorne

Darrin Thorne

NF, Canada

I have enjoyed your product so much I would like to sell it!

Michael J. Leigh


Leather Mate by Urad is a product I simply will not ever be without. Last weekend we cleaned our saddles, bridles and riding boots with it. I used an old toothbrush in the cracks and crevices on the saddle. They looked so great on the horses. Amazing product! And it was so fast and easy. (Webmaster Note : Leather Mate is another "brand" name for URAD leather cream.)

Judith New


I love your product!!! My saddles and other tack never looked better since the day they were new. I have gotten many of my riding friends to use your product too- They love it! My mom loves the product for her shoes and purses. I got fabulous results and knew I was doing something wonderful for my large tufted leather ottoman in the den and a leather covered dresser in the bedroom. These are two fine pieces of furniture and I trusted their care to your product without question.



I found out about this product throught the chromeheads web site.It was the discovery of the year.I placed my order and received a phone call from the owner (Dominique)He advised me on a different product that would be more suited to my needs.I wanted to try the product so I accepted his recomendation. I own a 1998 R1200 C Ivory with blue trim(leather)seat and hard bags(BMW stox)the seat was so bad,the only options was replace or re-upholster.So far I've use the Aquila cleaner/shampoo once along with a thine coat of URAD cream polish and "voila"its almost like new.The same proceedure was used on the bags and the same results appeared.Thanks Dominique for your help and suggestion it realy worked.I recomend this product to anyone who is concidering replacing or reupholstering ,Try it you'll like it Thanks ROLAND

Roland Duval


I am an charge of locker room services at a large private golf and country club in the Greenville SC. area. We recently hosted a Pro /Am. Golf tournament and I was incharge of locker room services and shoe care. I had two helpers. There is no way that we could have kept up with the volume of shoe shines we had if it had not been for URAD products.They are simple and fast to apply. Not only were we able to keep up with the volume, about 100 pair a day/ we also got many compliments from the Pro Golfers like " Great Job","Best shoe shines on our tour" "These really look great" and" Most places we go they really pack on the polish and they look really bad but these look like they are new shoes again" Needless to say we ended up the week with some really nice tips because we used URAD products.

Lee H. Obbink

South Carolina

I think I've found the best: URAD. I have used Lexol for years. For the first year I also used lexol on my Cruiser's leather. However, now I use URAD. I'm even using URAD on my riding boots and BMW Cruiser leather jacket and pants. The stuff is awesome. Applied as directed it cleans, moisturizes, and imparts a shine that is better than new. It has even restored the areas of the seat that were starting to look worn. I'd put my seat and saddle bags, with 18,000 miles of wear, up against any new seat and bags on a showroom floor.
Yep, I'm sold! URAD is not cheap, but I believe it is the best stuff out there. Posted on BMW R1200 family of motorcycles product review forum at:

Steve Whittenton


I recently restored an older and much loved Dooney & Bourke purse; it looks new! I also used URAD on a black Coach purse that had a few scuff marks on it. Just like the Dooney, it looks brand new. I couldn't be happier with the product. I love your product! I'm telling all my friends how wonderful it is.

Cindy Finney


URAD, Sensational! I honestly couldn't believe it. My shoes were brand new in about 3 minutes. I want to start selling the product its that amazing.